We have good crap – now where does it go?

There is an “Everyone Loves Raymond” episode where Frank hears about a neighbor’s garage sale and how much money they made. His line sums up our lives at the moment: “Hey! We have much better crap!” He then plans a yard sale – because a yard sale “sounds classier.”

I have spent a good chunk of yesterday cleaning out our second bedroom (from here on out it shall be called “the bedroom,” as opposed to the other kids’ bedroom, now to be called “the nursery”) of all the various bits and pieces of our crap that has to be moved. Now, we are not going to have a garage sale or a yard sale of any kind, we just have to figure out where all of this stuff will go.

For example, my school yearbooks. Classified as important crap, it went into a box with my Japanese textbooks and other textbooks that I find useful (or too fricking expensive to throw out) and went to the garage for now. Those things may move back into our hall closet.

The Webmaster’s out-of-date computer programming books. Crap. Anyone need a Visual Basic 2 book? I didn’t think so.

A 2004 Star Trek calendar. Bye. Mounds of tissue paper from the many gifts Baby Boy has received. I’ve salvaged what I can, now the rest is getting tossed. My cross-stitch stand is going to be disassembled for now (*sob*). To make room in the hall closet, many VHS tapes are going to live in the garage. They will make the transition to the garbage when we get these shows on DVD – this would be the multiple Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Enterprise, and The X-Files episodes that we have on VHS, taking up space. Are we watching them right now? No, we are watching Veggie Tales, and those VHS tapes live in the hidden drawer in the TV stand.

I did all the ironing, and now the ironing board will go to live in the garage next to the washer and dryer, to be brought out once a week to iron clothes.

Slowly, but surely, our crap is being cleaned up, tossed out, repackaged and scattered around.

Bring on the paint. And a trip to IKEA.

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