My house is messier than your house

Trust me. I have a bookcase on its side in my living room.

Good news – the painting is pretty much finished. We have a wet brush and roller in plastic bags in the fridge for touch-ups, but after painting the room on Saturday and doing the repainting/second coat on Sunday, it looks pretty good.

Bad news – all sorts of stuff is now spread around the house. And not all of it can go back into the room.

Good news – IKEA bookcase installed next to the IKEA bookcase already in the living room. A matched set!

Bad news – old bookcase goes back into bedroom, awaiting oak bookcase to arrive in January (as promised by my mother, who must find a home for her office bookcase).

Good news – new bookcase in January, and the Munchkin doesn’t own that many books!

The plan is to give the bedroom the once-over tomorrow, and then move the furniture back into place after vacuuming thoroughly. Then the fun of sorting, storing, and tossing will commence. What fun awaits us now? The fun of deciding what to keep, and getting everything Munchkin-proofed. Stay tuned…

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