Can I pay you to sleep?

We are having problems getting Baby Boy to sleep. No matter how hard we try, he will not stay “down” until well after 1 pm. I think the earliest we’ve ever been able to get him down for the night is 12:30.

It doesn’t matter if he’s had a bath, has just eaten/pooped/burped – nothing. He still needs to be swaddled, because that calms him down. But he’s three months old now (can you believe that?) and is starting to wiggle enough to unwrap himself. Not good.

And to top it off, the Munchkin is starting to wake up at night again. We’re ignoring her, because all she does is call out for Mommy (and the Brain, for some odd reason), and then drops off again. I’m tempted to say that all she is doing is talking in her sleep, but she sounds so lucid (well, as lucid as a 22 month old girl can). Regardless, she’s not getting coddled or catered to in this regard. And we have now established a really good bedtime routine for her, so even if she’s not asleep after a story and a couple of songs, she no longer fusses about having to go to bed. However, her door must stay open and the hall light must be on. I’ve tried turning it off when she was awake. Not good.

She had a bloody nose yesterday, too, which required major clean-up in the morning when the Webmaster discovered it. She hates getting cleaned up after that, and I can’t say that I blame her, especially when the blood has crusted all over her nose and face. Baby wipes do the trick, but not without a little rubbing. Her phrase-of-the-moment is “ow, dat hurt,” which she says about everything (including when she accidentally does something to herself, like run into a chair or a wall). The really funny part is that she has figured out that Mommy will kiss an owie to make it feel better, so she will kiss her hand to make herself feel better if she committed the injury herself.

But at least she’s not causing my lack of sleep. Which makes me feel incredibly guilty, because I’m so desperate for a few extra z’s that I’m sleeping through Sesame Street with Baby Boy on the couch. I just can’t stay awake. So I double-diaper the Munchkin and doze, knowing that if something needs my attention, she’ll tell me. Still, I feel like such a lazy butt.

When she was my only baby, I could just sleep with her. With Baby Boy, I either catch the cat naps or I function on less sleep. The less sleep thing isn’t happening.

I’m going to try an experiment with Baby Boy and getting him to sleep earlier. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Maybe his desire to stay up is more environmental than I think. We’ll see.

In the meantime, the paint in the bedroom is dry. We now have to move the furniture back into place and start seriously cleaning up. But the major hurdle is done – we now have a few weeks to clean up and prepare before we introduce the Munchkin to the “big-girl” bed.

And then sleep around here could get really interesting.

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