Bring it on!

This is all my dad’s fault.

Saturday, I hired my sister to watch the kids while the Webmaster and I painted. My parents came over with pizza in the evening from Papa Murphy’s and got it baking while we finished up (I left them coupons and cash to pay for it). That way, we didn’t have to make dinner and my sister could just go home with my parents, instead of one of us driving her home.

After dinner, the Webmaster and I just relaxed and chatted with my parents. The Munchkin found the oven mitts. My dad then helped her put them on and began to box with her. She would slap him across the face and he would do an exaggerated head snap – it was all very theatrical. She was giggling like crazy. They were having a ball.

Then she went after me. My response was to get another oven mitt and poke her in the face. She stopped, absolutely stunned. “Ow, dat hurt,” she whined.

We were all rolling on the floor, it was so funny. She could dish it out, but she couldn’t take it.

Well, yesterday she found the oven mitts again, and put them on, just as her grandpa had showed her. (He also told her that the next time that the Brain came over, she should challenge him to a match. This would not be fair. To the Brain, that is.) She was running around the house, talking to herself and ready for a fight. She also needed a diaper change.

I picked her up and took her to her room for a clean diaper. She was still wearing the mitts. As I was changing her, she began begging to hit me. “A bop? A bop? A bop?” she pleaded. I finally gave in, and got whacked across the face for my troubles. I obligingly acted my part, head snap, grunts, the whole shtick. All while I’m changing her diaper.

I finally tell her that I need to finish diapering her. Her response?

She puts up her mitts in a boxing stance, ready to go, and yells, “COME ON!”

I fell over laughing.

After she was back in her diaper pants and jeans, I called my mother and blamed my dad for the whole thing. We had a good laugh.

Note to self: do NOT let my father buy her boxing gloves.

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