Failure in progress…

This is not shaping up to be a good night.

Of all things, the Munchkin is having a hard time sleeping tonight. She has already spent a chunk of time crying in her crib. And yes, it is past midnight and yes, she is not yet asleep.

She took a 3 hour nap earlier, which may have messed her up. But she also stayed up late, ate one gingersnap cookie (freshly baked by her mother), and watched someone get fired on The Apprentice, so who knows why she can’t settle down.

Baby Boy is being his typical cute self. He and his father are watching The Tonight Show. He is fed, has a clean diaper, and is swaddled. He will have to stop watching TV soon.

On a totally different tangent, I did a 3-star level Sudoku puzzle in the wee hours of the morning yesterday. It is the first 3-star that I ever attempted. I am not naturally gifted in math, though I’m not stupid, either. My logic always seems to be slightly warped, though my common sense usually bears me out. So I’m very happy with my accomplishment. Am I going to attempt a 4-star yet? Heck no!

Must clean kitchen up from cookie debris. But before I do, I’d like to say happy anniversary to Carter’s Mom and Dad (six years on Sunday)! Where has the time gone? 🙂 Your card is in the mail.

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