Working hard

Just finished a set of Christmas cards – 42 in that batch. My goal is to get my cards out on Monday. It can happen! Still have to buy postage stamps, though. Will attempt family picture tomorrow, with help of Mom.

Next batch of cards in progress. Only 36 in this one. I send out a lot of cards.

Munchkin is still sick. Gotta love Benadryl – not only does it dry up her runny nose, it helps her sleep through all the coughing. However, Baby Boy has been coughing so much that he gags and throws up, which just upsets the poor boy. Tylenol is the only thing I can give him, but it does calm him down and help him sleep, which is what he needs right now.

Speaking of which, so do I… I’m the only healthy person here (Webmaster still has a cold)! I figure that I might be immune by now, what with the Munchkin spewing at me every time she coughs. I should have this bug by now, if I’m going to get it.

Famous last words. Just watch.

Ha! Wrapped seven presents tonight – then ran out of sticker labels. Must buy more. Onward, everyone! I need more scotch tape, too.

Must make list of places to go, then find time to run errands… without kids. That may take some doing.

I still have plenty of regular work to do around here, so even if the Christmas work stalls, there is the ironing to do, and the Webmaster’s cousin has a birthday coming up (send card), and need to keep an eye on eBay…

… and the kids…

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