First signs of the season

– Cards are going out today! Well, some of them. I handed out several at church yesterday, saving myself postage, and another 20-plus are going out today. 40-some are just waiting to be stuffed, but they needed a Christmas letter, so they will be going out tomorrow (hopefully).

– The fudge is tasty, and I must make more. Friend agrees with me.

– The Christmas tree is in the garage, since it got snowed on and needs to dry off before we can put it up. However, our wreath, made by the Webmaster’s mother, is hanging on the front of the house!

– The Munchkin is listening to John Denver and the Muppets: A Christmas Together at bedtime.

– Baby Boy’s stocking is now made and ready to be hung (with many thanks to my mom).

– Two Christmas cards are taped up on the pantry door. When it gets within the Munchkin’s reach, the cards will have to move over to the door that leads into the garage.

– We have watched A Muppet Christmas Carol twice already.

– I have bought more scotch tape and gift tags, and the gift wrapping can resume.

– We have had Santa pictures taken. More on that drama tomorrow.

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