Tasty stuff

With the kids having colds recently (and thankfully, things seem to be clearing up on that front), we had a spot of time where we were buying medicine like mad. Or, as the Munchkin calls it, “medsin.”

When she first came down with this cold, which included a cough, I went for the children’s cold meds instead of the infant stuff. She’s old enough to drink from a medicine spoon or a little plastic cup, and doesn’t need it sprayed into her mouth via syringe or dropper. Though we still will have to have that kind around for Baby Boy. So I picked up the generic brand of pediatric cough and cold medicine at Top Foods, checking all the medical information to make sure that she could take it, but I forgot the most important thing.

It was unflavored.

How stupid am I, really? I tried to make her drink it. We mixed it with fruit punch Gatorade. It was a no-go, and I can’t say I blame her. It smelled nasty and I tasted a drop – ick. Yuck yuck yuck.

So, off the Webmaster went to Walgreens and picked up a brand label cough syrup (since the cold wasn’t so much the problem anymore), and made sure it was flavored. Fruit punch flavored, but the Munchkin isn’t picky. That stuff smells like Hawaiian Punch and probably tastes equally as good. In fact, I know it does, because the Munchkin keeps asking to take her “medsin.”

So, a word to the wise: get the flavors. Your kids will thank you. Tylenol comes in grape or cherry, children’s Benadryl is bubble-gum flavored, Robitussin is the Hawaiian Punch of cough syrups, and Target-brand ibuprofen is berry-flavored. All are Munchkin-approved and work just as well as the bad-tasting stuff.

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