Busy day

Things have been nuts around here.

First, the Webmaster was up from 1 to 6 this morning working (so I couldn’t blog). Poor guy.

Second, the Munchkin finally cut a molar!!! Now, we just get to wait for the rest of it to come in.

Third, I have been way behind on laundry, so I’ve been trying to catch up. Load #2 is in the dryer.

Fourth, I made Gingerbread Bears this morning/afternoon. The Munchkin wanted to be my “helper” again, so she ate raw dough and mini chocolate chips while Baby Boy looked on from the highchair. I made 33 bears, the Munchkin taste-tested one at lunch (I had a nibble, too), so we know that they are good. It’s amazing how labor-intensive those little things are.

Fifth, I found two bills that are due tomorrow, so I wrote checks quickly and got them out in the mailbox before our mailman arrived. *whew*

But now…. both kids are sleeping, I am finally getting to eat some lunch, and I did a one-star Sudoku puzzle just to prove that my brain can still function logically.

The house is now as decorated as I can get it – with a new bookcase in the living room, I had to put something Christmassy on it, which meant pulling from other places. But the stockings are hung, the tree is decorated, and the presents are getting wrapped and hiding in the garage so the Munchkin doesn’t open them.

And this week is cookie-baking week! Today was dedicated to the Bears, and if I get ambitious, a batch of fudge later. Tomorrow, I think I’m going to try a new recipe, Pecan Swirls. If it turns out well, I’ll post it on the recipe-sharing blog, De Re Coquinaria. I posted 3 gingerbread recipes (including the aforementioned Bears) on Saturday.

And hopefully I will have Bears to share at Christmas, if my “helper” doesn’t eat them all.

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