Countdown begins…

As a sign so kindly reminded me while I was on my way to run a few errands yesterday, we have less than 2 weeks left before Christmas!

Family will be arriving next week! This is the best part. My brother and sister-in-law are coming, and I haven’t seen them in over a year. He got back from Iraq is February, and is headed back there again, so we are going to enjoy these two weeks of holiday to the fullest. My sister and brother-in-law, Little Cousin’s parents, are arriving in a week – with Little Cousin, of course. The Munchkin will be thrilled to see her cousin again.

In the meantime, the preparations continue. I have to say, I’m not terribly impressed with the Pecan Swirls. The dough was terribly sticky, got all caught up in the beaters and had to be scraped out so that it could be chilled. Then, since I halved the recipe and was kind of flying by the seat of my pants, rolling out the chilled dough didn’t measure out in quite the way that it was described. And it is still chilling as of this moment, soon to be cut and baked. But it has been quite a lot of hassle for something with so few ingredients and looked simpler. Too much chilling time, too – 2 hours after the dough is mixed and another 2 hours once the dough is rolled up, jelly-roll style. Unless the cookie bakes up really well and tastes fantastic, this may be a one-time-only experiment.

However, a new batch of mint chocolate fudge is cooling. I used new chips, just purchased yesterday, so they melted much better than the old chips that I had in the pantry. I am going to work on Angel Thumbprints today. They don’t require any chilling time, and are a recipe of my mother’s, so I know they’re great.

My plan is to send the Webmaster to work with plates o’ fudge for his co-workers on Monday. This is our annual sucking-up (just kidding). He works with a lot of nice people and this spreads a little Christmas cheer (and a sugar high) around the cubicles. So the fudge will be top priority this weekend – I think we’re handing out around a dozen plates, not including the full cookie plates that I will put together for his two team members.

What was this post about again? Oh, yes, counting down, not my baking. Guess I’d better find a present or two to wrap. Oops, timer is beeping. Time to bake!

Update: Okay, the Pecan Swirls are pretty good. But they are very fragile and I’m not sure that they were quite worth all that effort. I will let my taste-testers decide.

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