A big day!

Yesterday was a milestone for our Baby Boy. He rolled over for the first time!

I didn’t actually see him do it the first couple of times. I was trying to get ready to run a few errands before lunch at my grandmother’s, when I realized that he was now on his back. I had left him on his tummy. But his sister was standing nearby, so I wondered aloud if she had “helped” a little.

I turned him back onto his tummy and continued getting ready. When I came back into our living room, the Munchkin was sitting in her little play tent, and Baby Boy was on his back again.

This time I figured that he must have done it on his own. So I put him back on his tummy and sat and waited. The Munchkin came and sat in my lap, while Baby Boy fussed about being on his tummy again. And then he rolled himself over!

I cheered and applauded him (which startled both kids), and called the Webmaster to share the good news. He also “performed” for Carter’s Mom and Carter’s Dad when they came over to visit last evening. They also brought Carter along, who fell in love with Baby Boy and would have loved to lick him clean. He was a little too exuberant for the Munchkin – she is used to older dogs like Rusty, my parents’ German Shepherd mix – and Carter is still quite a puppy, but more than big enough to knock her over. It was good for her to see another dog close-up besides Rusty and Megan (Scrap Mom and Gaming Dad’s dog, who is used to small kids and is five years old now, so a respectfully adult doggie), because she is not shy with people, and the last thing I need is for her to approach strange dogs without any kind of hesitation. And Carter is a friendly pup – he was just excited to be in a new place, meeting new people.

Good thing Baby Boy is so mellow, and that I don’t mind dog slobber on my kid, because apparently he was the best thing Carter had smelled or licked all day.

So, Baby Boy is growing up. He actually beat his sister, who rolled over at 4 months and 5 days from her back to her tummy, and 4 months and 6 days from her tummy to her back. He was 4 months and 3 days yesterday. So, he is on track with what we know, and now he should stop. I don’t want another toddler – I want my sweet little cuddlebug of a boy to stay as he is. I don’t suppose I could bribe him to stop growing, could I?

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