By the numbers

In the last 24 hours:

Number of hours slept: 6, with a break in the middle to feed Baby Boy.

Number of cookies baked: 3 and a half dozen

Number of cookie plates handed out: 2

Number of fudge plates handed out: 21

Number of fries consumed by the Munchkin: 2 small McDonalds’ servings- one in Happy Meal

Number of poopy diapers: 2 (one per kid)

Number of bibs trashed by Baby Boy: zero (I decided his clothes needed washing anyway)

Number of burp cloths trashed by Baby Boy: 5

Number of times the Munchkin woke up in the middle of the night: 2

Number of laundry loads done: one washed-folded-put away, one washed and folded, one yet to be washed

Number of Christmas cards received: 4

Number of bills paid: 3

Number of casseroles to make for dinner tonight: 2

Number of brothers coming home for Christmas today: 1

Number of wives coming with him: 1

Total coming for dinner tonight, in addition to our home’s usual occupants: 5

Number of hours spent cleaning house: not enough!!!

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