As ready as we can be…

Stockings hung? Check.

Presents all wrapped? Check.

Cookies baked? Check.

Children nestled all snug in their beds? Check.

Oh, it’s only the 23rd. Crap. Wash, rinse, repeat in 24 hours.


Actually, there are a few things we still need to do:

1) Put ribbons on packages. This has not yet occured, because the presents are living in stacks in the garage at the moment. Hiding in fear of their lives from the Munchkin, whom we have prevented from wreaking early holiday havoc over at her grandparents’ home – where the presents are artfully stacked and arranged from largest in the back to the smallest in front, thanks to my anal-rententive brother. He actually pulled all of the presents out from under the tree to arrange them his way. Because, of course, his way is the best way. But I digress… and I have decided not to bother with ribbons for the Munchkin’s and Baby Boy’s gifts from us. Heck, they’re lucky that I used perfectly good wrapping paper on them at their age!

2) Make cookie plates. This is important, since my mother, with a houseful of guests, a job that is ending, and hip problems, did not bake cookies this year. Hence, the cookie-baking marathon over here, starring the Munchkin in her debut role as “helper.” Anyway, I have a moral obligation to take cookie plates to my uncle’s home tonight and prove that my great-grandmother’s blood runs through my veins. She was an expert baker and excellent cook – this was my mother’s father’s mother. So I have picked up the cookie mantle, and if the quantity of treats consumed is any indicator of success, then I have a green light from the Munchkin and the Webmaster.

3) Go to Michaels. Because I still have a freakin’ birthday party to plan for! Fortunately, it’s dessert only, and I can pick up a few other snacky-type things on the 26th, but a Michaels trip is needed for cake prep – they sell Wilton cake decorating items, and I need the appropriate shades of red, green and black in order to make Bob and Larry in royal icing for this cake. Plus get something to serve a 9×13 cake on – a minor detail!

4) Wrap birthday presents. I think I will use the Pikachu paper. Hey, I can’t get Veggie Tales paper!

5) Somehow, somewhere, I need to find the time to sleep…

Repeat with me, everyone – it will get done. It will get done. It will get done.

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