Dear Munchkin…

Today is your second birthday. And once again, I apologize that our timing was bad and that your birthday is so close to Christmas.

I don’t think that you will care much about that today. Your Grandma and Grandpa are coming up to open Christmas presents, and then there will be a party in the evening just for you. All the presents will be yours to open this time. You will be getting some pretty cool gifts, including a plush Larry the Cucumber from us – the perfect companion to your newest favorite stuffed toy: Bob the Tomato, who arrived under the tree Christmas morning.

Thank you for coming to live with us two years ago. Thank you for making me a Mommy. I like being your Mommy, even if I do gripe about cleaning up after your messes, you losing toys around the house, and your adventures with poop. You have been a joy to watch these last two years. You have so much personality, spunk, and love to share with the whole world. You play hard and you love hard. You are a friendly little soul, and I love watching you “mother” your little brother – making sure that he has his doggie, wiping drool off his chin, and wanting to hug him if he is crying – although sometimes you hug a little too hard.

You are my sweetheart and my sunshine. I love you so very much. Happy Birthday, Munchkin.

Love, Mommy

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