Tally up the carnage

It’s over for another year.

The Webmaster is the proud owner of a gun vise, I now have a new desk lamp, the Munchkin has taken her plush Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber for rides on her new Radio Flyer 4-wheeled scooter (wearing her Matt Kenseth ballcap), and Baby Boy has tasted all of his new toys and finds them very satisfactory.

I found it very difficult to mentally prepare myself for the Munchkin’s birthday. I think it was mostly because we weren’t quite done celebrating Christmas and I was prepping her birthday cake. And I was struck by something very profound that I will have to keep in mind for next year.

Usually, kids have their birthdays seperate from the Christmas holidays. Which means that they are not the same age at both birthday and Christmas. Thus, the Munchkin not only received a majority of clothes in the 24 month/2 T range (trust me, she needed them) but most of her toys are geared toward a 2 to 3 year old. She really has no chance to get new toys as gifts during the year (except possibly at Easter), and as the year progresses, she may outgrow the toys themselves.

Truthfully, I don’t see that happening right now. I focused quite a bit on getting her “pretend play” toys that would grow with her, and most everybody went along with that. She now has play food, her Radio Flyer scooter, a Megaland play tent set (that will not fit indoors, most likely, so it will go outside come summer), blocks, and other toys that will allow her to use her imagination. She is a creative little girl, and I wanted to encourage that.

And the books. Oh, she loves the books. She’s my kid for sure.

Now I just need to get the thank-you notes done…

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