It’s that time of year again. I have to think up a few resolutions, but this year I have all of you to hold me accountable! Lucky me! These are things that I’m currently not doing that I want to start (so, for instance, I’m not going to resolve to keep blogging, because I already do!). So, here goes…

1) Clean up after the kids every night after they go to bed. I am really tired of facing absolute chaos in the morning when I haven’t tidied up. We’re also going to work on having the Munchkin help put her toys away each night.

2) Do the dishes/clean up the kitchen every night. Ditto on the messy kitchen in the morning. Hate it.

3) Do sit-ups. I have once again become the mom-to-hate after not gaining a dramatic amount of weight while pregnant with Baby Boy, and then promptly losing all of said weight plus another six pounds. I need to keep it off, and try and flatten the abdomen that my children have so graciously expanded for me.

4) Potty-train the Munchkin. It’s time to really begin in earnest, now that she’s two. She’s got the idea of it, but now is the time to put it into practice. My goal is to have her completely potty-trained by this next summer.

5) Clean up the Munchkin’s new bedroom and get her sleeping in the daybed (with rail installed). There is so much Christmas stuff in that room that it is just crazy. The room is a pit. There are walking lanes cleared on the perimeter of the room, but a great big mess in the middle. Most of it needs to be reorganized and stored (some of it back under the bed). But it’s just got to get done! Which leads to…

6) Clean out the kids’ closets. I’ve let the Munchkin’s closet become a mess, and I need to move the Christmas decor to the hall closet. With the kids essentially “switching” rooms (Baby Boy is currently sleeping in the cradle in the second bedroom), both closets need to be cleaned out and up and things stored properly – like clothes and shoes and such.

7) Spend one-on-one time with the Webmaster. And this does not mean watching “Battlestar Galactica” with him. We want to start having at least one “date night” a month – meaning that we hire Auntie to watch the kids, and go out to dinner, or a movie, or do something just for us. Just because we have two kids now doesn’t mean that we are only Mommy and Daddy.

8) Work on my sewing. I need to keep working on my cross-stitch projects (I have to finish the baby sampler for Head, and I’d like to finish it before he turns two, and then I want to make the one I picked out for Baby Boy, and then my new niece is arriving in March…), and I would really love to work on regular sewing projects and learn the ins and outs of my sewing machine. But I’ll be happy if I can just keep up on the cross-stitching.

9) Get to bed before midnight. I’ve been burning the candle at both ends for a while, and it’s got to stop. We’ve gotten the Munchkin off a holiday schedule, and Baby Boy is starting to sleep reliably through the night, so there is no reason that I can’t get to bed at midnight or before.

10) Not let it bug me when I can’t find things. This is the biggie of them all. I hate not being able to find things, or losing things. It absolutely makes me bonkers. Therefore, I resolve to not freak out, to search in a calm and rational manner, and to not yell. And if I can’t find what I’m looking for, to let it go until later, and not continue to let it boil in my head until I explode. This means that I will need to be praying for a great deal of grace and patience. But hey, I have two kids. Those were already on my prayer list.

Happy New Year, everyone! May the Lord bless and keep you all in 2006.

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