Who’s your Mommy?

It had to happen, but I was figuring on it happening when the Munchkin was a teenager, not now.

The kid has learned that other people call her Mommy Deanna.

So she is trying to do the same. How considerate.

This first happened on New Year’s Day, at the big gathering at my Bachan’s home. The Munchkin suddenly piped up with “Anna! De-anna!”

In shock, we all turned to look at her. “Who is Deanna?” my sister asked her.

The Munchkin turned to look at me as if to say, “Hey, this is your cue here!”

I was mildly horrified – everyone else was vastly amused. However, it has not stopped, and she has it figured out. She has tried (unsuccessfully) over the last few days to get my attention faster by using my name, but yesterday she pressed on without a second blink.

She was trying to give something to me while my sister-in-law and I were looking at some items on my watch list on eBay. “Deanna. Deanna. Deanna!” the Munchkin insists, getting louder with each repeat. I steadfastly ignore her, but she shoved the box of card scraps into my hand that she had gotten off the table. “Here go,” she said cheerfully, and then scampered off.

My sister-in-law was laughing, and I was just shaking my head. The kid is a smartmouth, but she’s doing this more to get my attention than to be a brat.

This brings to memory the time when Doc once called for Friend, and the Brain mimicked his father, yelling his mother’s name across the room. “Brain, who is Friend (insert appropriate names as you know them)?” I asked him, curious to see if he knew who he was calling.

He shrugged. “I don’t know.”

The Munchkin knows.

The Webmaster, however, is not amused by this trend. After she called me by name on New Year’s Day, the Munchkin then called her father “Erica.” We could get a lot of funny looks if she tries this in public.

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