Resolution update

Just to keep you all appraised as we come to the end of week one of the new year…

1) Clean-up kids’ toys each night. Yes, we have been pretty good about that. We’ve also been trying to teach the Munchkin to put away one toy before getting out a new one. Limited success there.

2) Dishes. With the Webmaster’s help, I’ve been keeping up. Have to stay on top of them, though, as new ones get created each day because people around here like to eat. Who knew?

3) Do sit-ups. What’s a sit-up? I sat up to nurse the baby today…

4) Potty-train the Munchkin. Long-term goal, but we have offered her the potty and she has refused the last couple of times. I think by the beginning of next month we will insist on getting her on the potty at least once a day to try.

5) Clean-up second bedroom. We are in the process of de-Christmas-fying the house. The tree came down yesterday, and all of the Christmas decor is getting put away in new, more efficiently consolidated boxes. These new boxes will then move into the hall closet, thus getting clutter out of the bedroom closet and bedroom itself. We are on our way!

6) Clean out kids’ closets. See above answer.

7) Spend one-on-one time with the Webmaster. We received a gift card to a local restaurant from my aunt and uncle for Christmas, and have tentatively set a date night for the end of the month to use it.

8) Work on sewing. I’m trying to get all my thank-you cards out before the postage stamp rate hike goes into effect Monday – no time to sew yet.

9) Get to bed before midnight. Managed that once this week and it felt great. Blew it all the other nights trying to watch the complete first season of “Battlestar Galactica” on DVD so I can catch up before the second season picks up again from the big mid-season cliffhanger tonight.

10) Not let it bug me when I can’t find things. A plastic fork of the Munchkin’s apparently got tossed at Bachan’s on New Year’s Day. Completely replaceable. The stone fell out of one of my crystal post earrings (otherwise known as my faux diamond earrings, but these cost $9) sometime on Jan. 2nd. The company says lifetime guarantee and has a website, so we’ll see. These earrings were all of $9, though. And we still can’t find one of the Munchkin’s plastic knives that goes with her tea set. Oh, well. It’ll turn up sometime. See? I’m being very philosophical and doing much better.

I think I’ll update this every few weeks, just to remind myself that I do have goals that I committed to for the year. And if nothing else, all of you out there can be entertained by it. 🙂

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