Baby Brother Strikes Back

Yesterday evening, Baby Boy committed his first act of self-defense against his sister.

I was getting myself ready to leave the house, when I heard from the living room:
“Ow! No, baby, dat hurt, ow, no, baby! Mommy!!”

I rush in to see the Munchkin, crouching over her brother as if she is going to lay on top of him (one of her favorite “intimidation” stances). I then see her brother, who is now learning to reach for things, with a fist full of his sister’s hair.

“Hold still, Munchkin,” I advise, and she manages to pry her hair out of his grip.

She then scampers back to a respectful distance, while he gurgles and coos. I can see the wheels turning in her head. Oh, so you can do that now. I see. I will have to be more careful around you.

I giggle, shake my head, and continue getting ready. When I come back into the room, she is back over her brother… with a blanket over her head. Now he can’t get at her hair, but she can’t see him, either. It is not a great success for her.

Still, the fact that she is trying to solve her problems so ingeniously does not bode well for us in the future. In short, we’re in trouble if she can think on her feet that fast.

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