Getting things done

Handy Girl came over yesterday and her industrious spirit rubbed off on me, I guess. When the Munchkin went down for her nap, Baby Boy also decided to take one as well (a rarity in these last couple of weeks), and Handy Girl offered her assistance in tackling the pit known as the Munchkin’s future bedroom. It was filled with Christmas leftovers – boxes, rolls of wrapping paper, ribbon and tissue paper, not to mention the gifts that Baby Boy was given (the clothes that I haven’t put away yet) – and all the other various pieces of stuff that haven’t been pulled out of there yet.

My mission: to make the bedroom useable to sleep in, even if the closet is stuffed full of crap that I haven’t cleaned up yet.

Handy Girl folded up boxes and tissue paper, helped me sort through stuffed animals to go into storage (versus those going to be given away), and even held Baby Boy when he decided that he’d had enough of this “sleeping alone” thing. Strangely enough, he sleeps alone at night with no problems, but desires to be held for his naps. He found a comfortable shoulder on Handy Girl and promptly fell back asleep, and she hung on to him so that I could keep working (I was on a roll and trying to be ruthless about my stuffed animals).

I have also decided on a new rule for the Munchkin and Baby Boy: NO ONE is allowed to give them a stuffed animal or doll as a gift UNLESS it has been cleared by the Webmaster and myself first. This is how I, as a kid, ended up with a gajillion on my bed and couldn’t bear to give any of them away – people kept giving them to me. If I can keep the kids’ stuffed toys down to a manageable level, I will feel more successful as a parent that I haven’t passed down my own weaknesses to them. As it is, the Munchkin has plenty of stuffed toys, and Baby Boy has more than enough for someone who hasn’t had a birthday yet.

So, the bedroom is much cleaner and I feel better about myself, but we still need to get the top shelf in the hall closet vacated for the Christmas decorations (did some consolidating there, too) so that they can move out of the living room.

My solution: have Handy Girl over again so she can kick my lazy butt into gear. But I am going to corrupt her today and take her to the mall with me and introduce her to the wonders of Janie and Jack. Yes, I am evil.

On the update end of things: I actually did some cross-stitching! Head may get his baby sampler finished (not framed, though) before he turns 2! Wouldn’t that be impressive! The Webmaster also discovered the location of the Munchkin’s missing plastic knife (in the hall closet, tucked into Baby Boy’s floor mobile/play mat). And I was being very good and didn’t freak out. So there.

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