Don’t you hate it when…

Sunday night, the Webmaster was giving me a backrub (blessed is he among husbands) and we were watching X2: X-Men United on FX.

I briefly commented on seeing this movie in the theater (the Cinerama in Seattle) when it came out, which just happened to be the same day that we told Friend and Doc that we were pregnant with the Munchkin and I felt nauseous throughout the whole movie. Then I asked the Webmaster, “Don’t we have this movie on DVD?”


“In widescreen?”


“Why are we watching it on TV? With commercials?”

“Because it’s on. Do you want to stop?”

I checked the clock. “No, it’s only a half hour ’til the end. Why do we always do this? We’ve got it on DVD!”

“I don’t know.”

“Keep rubbing, then.”

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