Punish Him!!

So, Baby Boy has learned that those things that he waves around are hands, and that they have this nifty opposable-thumb function that allows him to grab things. Like his toys and his sister’s hair.

Recently, as I’ve mentioned before, he’s defended himself by executing a hair-pulling move. But two days ago, he scratched the Munchkin on the cheek as he flailed around. Yesterday, he hit her in the face with a rattle when he was sitting in her lap.

Both times she comes to me and whines that the baby hurt her, and I kiss the offended spot. Then she gives me the Look.

The Look basically says:
Well? Aren’t you going to punish him? I mean, you punish me for poking him in the face, sitting on him, trying to run him over with my scooter – come on, lady! Give this baby a time-out or something!

Just try explaining the difference to her. She’s two and wants equal justice under Mommy’s law.

Unfortunately for her, Mommy is a benevolent dictator who knows what the word “intent” means. Did she mean to hurt her brother when she sat on him? Yes. Did her brother mean to hurt her when he hit her with the rattle? No.

Sorry, kiddo, there is no Court of Appeals here. The sentence stands.

When your brother is old enough to have his rights read to him, then the rules apply. Until then, watch yourself.

As for me, I’m thinking of investing in a haircut that will keep my hair out of his grasp.

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