Nothing like the kids to bring you back down

After getting the email yesterday telling me that I had won the Everyday Hogwash daily post, I was in a tizzy, and called everyone who I thought would really care (the Webmaster, my mother, my sister, Friend – I emailed Doc, Carter’s Mom, Linda, and Girl With Flat Hat). Then the kids took it upon themselves to deflate my ego.

The Munchkin decided to go insane. I mean really insane. Deliberately hitting her mother to see what will happen insane. Sitting on her brother insane. Taking the eyeballs off Mrs. Potato Head and poking her mother in the leg insane. All the while, whining like mad. Then she started to grip her jaw. I think her bottom molars may be on the move. So, after she had lunch, I gave her a dose of ibuprofen just in case. At any rate, it couldn’t hurt her.

Baby Boy joined in the mayhem by fussing unless I was holding him. Now, this is unusual. While I can’t get away with neglecting him for too long, I couldn’t put him down at all. I ran down my checklist of “things that make him fuss” – and I knew that he had eaten recently and the Munchkin wasn’t sitting on him at that second, so I checked his diaper and it was wet. He hates being wet. So as I began to change him, I noticed something in his mouth. A small something. A small white something. In his lower gum.

Ding ding ding ding ding! His first tooth!

No wonder he was cranky. I gave him a dose of Tylenol and declared, “Drugs all around!” My drug of choice was a can of Coke.

So my triumph over winning was short-lived due to crying and teething. But I also realized something else very valuable.

As both of my kids looked up at me, tears on their cheeks and the imploring look of “Mommy, do something!” on their faces, I smiled. If they had done this to me even a couple of months ago, I would have been just totally overwhelmed. Now, I just feel confident. I can deal with them even when their worst moments are coordinated.

It’s just a good thing that they don’t do that every day, or I might get earplugs.

So I might have been a winner yesterday, but today I am back to just being Mommy. Thanks, kids, for reminding me what my true purpose in life is – to clean up after and console you two.

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