Lingerie For Toddlers

I am becoming more brave.

Yesterday, I took both kids to Target on my own. No help. Just me, a cart, and the Baby Bjorn. I would have preferred to not have to use the Baby Bjorn and just use a cart with an infant seat attached (or just bring in Baby Boy from the car in his infant carrier), but I don’t quite trust the Munchkin yet to stay with me in a store. So she got to ride shotgun in the cart while Baby Boy became my weight-bearing exercise for the day.

The ad for this week was pretty good, and we had quite a list of things to get. (No, not Dreft. Not this time, anyway.) I must have been down every aisle in the health and beauty section at least once, and sometimes twice. The list was long. Gerber baby cereal – rice, oatmeal, and mixed – is, for some reason, cheaper at Target than at grocery stores. I have no idea why. And it was was on sale, which made it an even better deal. The Webmaster’s aftershave lotion. Saline solution for my contacts. Ouchless hair elastics for the Munchkin (I love these things – I wish they’d been around when I was younger). Dishwasher detergent. I even picked up stickers for Valentine cards. As you can tell, it was a real hodgepodge of things we needed/things on sale.

Then I ventured into the baby department. My mother and I like to scour the clearance racks in search of a good deal, especially when it is at 50% off markdown. Ever since Christmas, though, it has only been at 30% off. Still, we’ve found a few good things. But yesterday, nothing caught my eye for the Munchkin (I am trying not to buy beyond a 3T size for her right now), and I forbade myself from even looking at the boys’ clothes (Baby Boy is a well-dressed kid with lots of nice things to grow into until he is nearly two, and I am out of storage space for him). So I turned my attention to my true reason for looking around the baby and toddler clothes – jeans were on sale, and the Munchkin needed a new pair of jeans.While she received lots of nice clothes for Christmas and her birthday, she didn’t get any of the basics like jeans and T-shirts (except from us). People are more apt to buy a nice outfit, or a cute dress, than to think about buying playclothes for a 2 year old. So we were facing a 24 months/2T shortage in the jeans department. She is just now beginning to outgrow her 18 month-sized jeans and pants. Most of them still work, but some are starting to show more ankle than others, and some – ahem!- make you think of a plumbing job when she beds over and is not wearing a bodysuit or a onesie. And she is in 24 months/2T tops now, mostly – some of the 18 month ones were built longer.

You would think that a little girl, nearly 25 months old, would have outgrown these jeans long before her second birthday, considering that she is in the 95th percentile for height (36 inches) for her age. Nope. She is just like her mommy – long waist, short legs. I consider myself to be of average height for a woman (5′ 4″), but my legs are so short that I often have to buy petite jeans/pants/skirts to make them fit properly. Sometimes I can get away without doing that (especially with skirts), but when I do, I run the risk of the cuffs being the first thing on the jeans to wear out – because I’ve been stepping on them the whole time. So the Munchkin is most likely doomed to the same fate. Incidentally, Baby Boy appears to be built the same way. Poor kid.

Now, since I am constantly planning ahead, I had purchased one pair of OshKosh jeans at our local OshKosh outlet store when they had a denim sale (LOVE THAT STORE). And while they are still long on her, we have no more, um, “crack” issues. Anyway, Target had jeans on sale. So she got another pair – a really cute medium blue with pink thread used for some of the seam stitching and the same thread stitched into hearts at the bottom of the legs. Very nice. Will match quite a lot of her stuff. We still probably need one more pair, but that’s another trip to the OshKosh store. With an online coupon.

What was the point of this post? Oh, yeah, lingerie.

I have yet to buy training pants for the Munchkin, and I don’t want to buy them at Target. They only sell pink or blue (argh!!), and I would prefer to buy plain old white. I’m not a part of the Pull-Ups crowd, though I’m sure that we will use some version of them for overnight – as much as I like cloth diapers, I would prefer to not be changing sheets everyday. Anyway, to get plain white, I have to go to Babies ‘R Us, and I haven’t done that yet, though with the Munchkin’s recent successes on the potty, I want to get there soon and be prepared. However, Target did have toddler-sized panties and briefs on sale. With certain fun characters on them.

This is one of those things that all the books tell you to bribe the kids with – underwear with a favorite character on them. In fact, my mother told me the story of a kid in her Sunday School class years ago whose mother told him that Batman did not like to get wet, so he had to be paying attention to when he needed to use the potty when he wore the Batman underwear. (I think it was Batman. Anyway, you get the idea.)

So, I carefully hunt the panties for something the Munchkin will like. Hmm. And it has to be in the right size. Toddler underwear comes in two sizes: 2/3T and 4T. After that, you get to move up to the regular sizes, which starts at 4.

This is more than anyone needed to know, I’m sure.

I picked the girly Elmo panties (Elmo with pink flowers on white), and Hello Kitty panties (bright, vivid pinks and blues and purples and greens on white – Hello Kitty with rainbows, flowers, and riding a scooter). Three each to a pack. It’s a start. She loves Elmo and is quite fond of Hello Kitty (I tell her “That’s Hello Kitty,” and she says, “Hello, kii,”) – she has pink Hello Kitty sheets on her new bed that she got from her Grandma and Grandpa for Christmas. So I hope that when the time comes, it will be a sufficient enough bribe.

But if anyone finds Veggie Tales underwear, let me know immediately.

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