May you live in interesting times…

This will be a crazy weekend, and it starts today.

The Webmaster is going with our youth group to a lodge just outside Leavenworth (known to Washingtonians as “fake Bavarian tourist trap”, not prison) for winter camp. Auntie is also going along, and is borrowing my snow boots. My 13 year old sister is borrowing my shoes. They’d BETTER come back without a scratch… kidding, kidding. The kids are going to innertube and play in the great quantities of snow that has fallen recently, eat way too much junk food, and hopefully get closer to God in the process. The Webmaster is going along to be an “enforcer” – keeping an eye on kids who may try to stir up some trouble. I just hope that they can sleep through his snoring.

In the meantime, I will be at home with the kids. Alone. Fortunately, I will have backup. My parents are also planning on hanging out with us, since they will be empty-nesting it this weekend as well.

But that still means that I am going to spend a majority of my weekend alone with the kids. While Baby Boy won’t notice a lick of difference (he only notices if I’m not around to feed him), the Munchkin may get suspicious. She is used to Daddy putting in long hours and being gone during the week, but the weekends are another story. Daddy spends quite a bit of time with her then (because Mommy gets to sleep in on Saturday mornings), so when Daddy’s not there, she may think about it. Then I’ll give her a cookie and she’ll forget. They are supposed to get back before the Super Bowl (very important).

Oh, and the Munchkin told me off yesterday. I tried singing along with the Sesame Street tape in the car and was told, “No, Mommy! No sing Treet-treet!” She wanted to sing by herself.

She has a new favorite book right now, too. She still adores Corduroy and Frances, but now the book Elmer and the Lost Teddy has joined the rotation. It is a very sweet story. That particular book was in a pile of books given to her on her first birthday by Carter’s Mom, Carter’s Dad, Handy Girl and Handy Guy. It has also gotten her attached to her own teddy bear. Now, she had a wonderfully soft, cream-colored teddy bear given to her by our senior pastor’s wife at her baby shower when she was less than a month old. Until now, it has been sitting on a shelf in the nursery, because I wanted to keep it nice for when she was a little older. That day came when she asked me for a teddy bear about a week ago. Since we’ve switched rooms for the kids, I just went to the shelf on the bookcase that has her stuffed animals on it and gave it to her. She was thrilled. Between her plush Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber and this teddy bear, she barely has enough arms to carry them all. She sleeps with all three every night, and her froggy blanket (head and flippers of a froggy attached to a small green blanket) that she’s had since she was an infant, too. I tried to get her attached to the froggy blanket, but she really hasn’t taken to anything as a security blanket/animal. Baby Boy is a little too young to get attached to anything, but he does like his lion an awful lot.

However, ever since Bob and Larry entered her life, she carries them out of bed with her every morning, and now Teddy has joined the crowd. I’ll try to get a picture of it sometime – it’s very cute. Small problem, though – we were planning on going to Build-A-Bear and getting a teddy bear for her for her Easter basket. I found one that is a pretty good match to Corduroy. And then I found green corduroy fabric online, and my mother has lots of patterns for doll clothes, including overalls. You get the picture. (I did find a “Corduroy” bear online as sold by a toy company, but it looks nothing like Corduroy in the book except for the green overalls, so that is a bust.) Anyway, she’s called her teddy bear “Cordy” once, but has since figured out that he doesn’t look like Corduroy at all, so now he’s just “ted-bear.” But if we go through with this and get her Corduroy, she is going to not have any more arm room to carry all four stuffed animals/vegetables.

And forget giving her Junior Asparagus. I have him in reserve, but since she’s taken to Corduroy so strongly and we’re planning this, I think Junior will be reassigned to Baby Boy for his first birthday, or for next Christmas.

How did I get this far off? Good grief.

Anyway, come tonight, it’ll just be me, the Munchkin and her stuffed cohorts, and Baby Boy and his lion and bunny blanket. Well, I’ll have my security blanket… but that’s a whole ‘nother post.

Have a great weekend, everyone! GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!!

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