Muffin Mom

The Munchkin is a carb girl. She loves bread and pasta. Recently, she has rediscovered the wonders of applesauce, and thinks that it is the best breakfast food known to man.

We had previously limited her applesauce intake, because despite its status on the BRATs diet (bananas, rice, applesauce, toast – all good for stopping kids up who need some natural help), the amount of fiber in it was making for some very messy diapers. But we’ve decided to bite the bullet (and pray that she will potty-train sooner rather than later) and let her eat it at breakfast. She’s still not big on chewing her food thoroughly, so we tend to give her softer things, like bananas and applesauce, to eat. Even her meat needs to be on the easier-to-eat side. Incidentally, she loves meatloaf.

Anyway, along with her fruit of the morning, be it applesauce or a banana, she usually has a slice of toast. The Webmaster usually puts some cinnamon-sugar on it (which we keep in a small container near the butter dish), and I have been known to scrape some jam on it. But the newest Taste of Home magazine featured 12 muffin recipes, and even though I have some muffin issues, I decided to try a couple of them.

My main problem with muffins is that I tend to overmix. It is hard for me to deal with lumpy batter. That is why we have waffles far more often than pancakes around here. But I was a good girl and successfully made Gingerbread Muffins for the stamp camp last Saturday (minus the lemon curd – no time to prepare that). Both the Brain and Head loved them, and the Munchkin soon joined their ranks, wolfing down a whole muffin each morning until they were gone.

So yesterday morning, I decided to try Lemon Pound Cake Muffins. Now these are basically mini-cakes, so they have to be mixed pretty thoroughly. And I did. They didn’t peak, and only one cracked a little on top. My “helper” insisted on being right at my side, because she thinks I am incapable of putting ingredients in bowls without her. And while they baked, she ate her morning bowl of applesauce, took her half-a-Flintstones vitamin, and then I delivered a warm, freshly glazed muffin to her Highness of breakfast.

It was a hit. She wanted another one. I allowed her to have a few bites of the one I was eating, then declared breakfast over, and turned Sesame Street on.

I have posted the recipes to the muffins on the cooking blog, De Re Coquinaria. Feel free to check it out! After all, if the Munchkin loves them, you might, too!

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