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Okay, so I was 50% correct on the American Idol predictions. I even had Becky listed as on the fence. But Patrick? That one came out of left field for me. But I will say that he didn’t distinguish himself personality-wise, so that may be the reason why he was voted out.

And what was with Brenna’s hair? She looked like she’d stuck her finger in an electrical socket. She annoys me the same way that Scott did last season. The Webmaster said that he’d be willing to keep Stevie just to get Brenna off the show. Taylor is still in, hurray! I think that he and Chris are the guys that I’m rooting for the most. With the girls, it’s a harder pick. I think Kellie easily wins the hard-luck sympathy vote, and because she is not well-off or likely to get another shot at the big time, I think the audience is invested in her. Mandisa is on the older end of the contestant spectrum, and her attitude wins big points. Why a girl like Paris, with a family in the music business, even needs a show like this is beyond me – though the girl is good. But she, Lisa, Ayla and Katharine all have obivously supportive parents and families that someone like Kellie doesn’t have, which may tilt the audience’s favor. It’s a toss-up, at least for me. It’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out.


Since my sister has pointed out that my first couple of haikus from yesterday added an extra syllable, I decided to give myself a headache and compose one in Japanese, so there would be no miscounting (a double consanant in Japanese only counts as one syllable, not two).

Kodomo naku
Kukkii ga nai yo
Beddo jikan

Which, loosely translated, means:

A child sobs
She doesn’t have a cookie!
Time for bed


I am so proud of Baby Boy. He was very drowsy, but still awake, when the Webmaster put him to bed last night. He did not make one peep, though we know he was awake for a while. When we checked on him after about a half-hour, he’d fallen asleep. Yay!

The Munchkin is a different story. She has had a hard time settling down for bed – her naps have been late (mostly my fault) and so she gets up and it’s nearly time for dinner. Plus the fact that the last couple of days, she hasn’t had a good opportunity to burn off any excess energy. She did get to play with her Gichan a little bit yesterday afternoon, but it wasn’t enough to wear her out. She has been begging to go play “slide” – which means that she wants to go to the park at Bothell Landing. It has a very toddler-friendly set of toys, and I’ve had to drag her out of there kicking and screaming because she loves it so much. She’s not hot on the swings (I think she feels too insecure on them), but she LOVES the slides, and there are four different ones at this park. She doesn’t care how high up they are, either – she’s a little bit of a daredevil in that way.

Anyway, with the weather so rainy the last couple of days, we’ve had to stay indoors. Hopefully I can find something for her to do today.


The Munchkin has decided that she likes Star Wars. She specifically asked for it last night (she did see the Episode IV DVD sitting out). She said, “Mommy? I watch Sar-oars?”

Her favorite thing to watch is the musical DVD that came with the Episode III soundtrack CD. I like it a lot, too. I think she likes it because she loves music, and this doesn’t slow down with clunky dialogue and exposition. At some point, the movies always slow down and she loses interest, but with this DVD, she pays rapt attention. And whenever she sees R2-D2 fall down after getting shot by Jawas, she says, “Uh-oh. Sar-oars okay? Okay.”

Yes, we are indoctrinating her early. 🙂


My goals this weekend:

1) Make my cards for March
2) Go to mall and pick up Baby Boy’s six month portraits (I’m scheduled to get them on Monday, but I know they get their shipments of photos on Tuesdays and Saturdays because I used to work there, so I bet I’ll be able to get them on Sunday afternoon after church)
3) Go grocery shopping (probably will also happen on Sunday afternoon)
4) Make more muffins (I think Lemon Pound Cake again)
5) Put together my new stamp sets (this goes along with #1)
6) Vacuum
7) Finish reading The Life of Elizabeth I so I can get out of the Tudor era again
8) Give the kids baths on Saturday
9) Iron (I have a pile to do)
10) Beat this stupid cold into submission

I’ll let you know on Monday how I managed. Have a good weekend, everyone!

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