Meatloaf: The Wonder Food

As I’ve talked about before, the Munchkin is not big on meat. I think her main problem with it is chewing. She only has one full set of molars (her two-year-old molars on the bottom haven’t come in just yet, but her top ones have), so tougher meats are still not easy for her. She does love pork. Ham, sausage, kielbasa, hot dogs (do they count as pork?) – all on her “good” list. She will eat chicken nuggets, and some fish (we went to Ivar’s for lunch on Sunday and she did well – and if you don’t know what Ivar’s is, it is the BEST fish ‘n chips place in the Pacific Northwest), and occasionally will have a bite of a hamburger. But generally she avoids meat. When we have Hamburger Helper, she will pick out and eat all the pasta and leave the hamburger.

However, right around Christmas, we had dinner at my parents’ and my mom made meatloaf. Now her meatloaf is really good, and the Munchkin ate a large quantity (for her), with each bite smothered in “chapu” (ketchup). She LOVES ketchup. We have caught her drinking ketchup out of the little cup containers at fast-food places when we eat there. She will eat ketchup off her plate with a spoon. So I was curious – did she really like the meatloaf, or was it just another way to get to eat ketchup?

So, for dinner last night (and with Friend, Doc, the Brain and Head over for dinner as well), I made Mom’s meatloaf recipe (after a quick phone call to make sure that I had all the right ingredients). It was a success, but would the Munchkin eat it?

Ohhh, yes, she did! She ate nearly a whole slice (which, for her, is quite a lot). Yes, the ketchup was there, but she wasn’t covering each piece with it. She was having quite an easy time eating it, too, so between the taste (the Webmaster gave it two thumbs up) and the softer consistency, it made for quite a hearty meal for a little girl.

Chalk up another “good” meat on her list – the kid loves meatloaf. I made mine with 2 pounds of hamburger, 1 pound of ground sausage, Italian bread crumbs, 2 eggs, minced onion and Worcestershire sauce. It fed 4 adults, three toddlers, and we still have leftovers. It will make great sandwiches.

It always gives me such a sense of accomplishment whenever I make something that the Munchkin actually eats and likes. Maybe that’s why we have macaroni and cheese so often! Hmm…

And here is the status of my weekend to-do list:

1) Make my cards for March (didn’t get started)
2) Go to mall and pick up Baby Boy’s six month portraits (done, and they are cute!)
3) Go grocery shopping (done)
4) Make more muffins (done)
5) Put together my new stamp sets (half of them are put together)
6) Vacuum (didn’t get done)
7) Finish reading The Life of Elizabeth I so I can get out of the Tudor era again (done… again)
8) Give the kids baths on Saturday (done)
9) Iron (DONE!!!)
10) Beat this stupid cold into submission (still working on it, but I’m feeling much better)

3 Responses to “Meatloaf: The Wonder Food”

  1. Oddball
    February 27th, 2006 19:16

    Congrads on getting the Meatloaf in one kid, I’m sure enough the other will follow suit sooner or later. Though Little Cousin’s Mommy’s Meatloaf is still better.

  2. Mormondaddy
    February 27th, 2006 20:21

    Mmmm… the sheer mention of Ivar’s makes me miss Seattle.

  3. Deanna
    February 28th, 2006 00:28

    Yes, we are all friends of Ivar’s here. Except for my poor sister-in-law, who is allergic to shellfish. 🙁