This weekend seemed extremely short. I think it’s because I actually had things to do besides the usual weekend housework and laundry. I still did 3 loads of laundry (including washing Baby Boy’s stuffed lion, because he was kind of crusty around the face with carrot urp). I should have gotten out in the yard and actually worked on pruning my hydrangea bush and my roses (which I am really going to have to whack back this spring because I didn’t all winter – did I ever mention that my thumb is an extremely pale shade of green and I’m just as likely to kill a plant as I will help it thrive?). Instead, I did the dishes (starting the week off with a clean sink), made more muffins (with minimal interference help from the Munchkin), and went to the Stampin’ Up meeting on Saturday.

As promised, it was no pressure. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a lot of fun. It was great to be in a room with 80 other women who knew what I was talking about when I said things like “crystal effects” or “Mellow Moss ink” or “hostess sets”. It was cool.

So, the Webmaster and I are in serious talks yet again, and I will be contacting T. to talk things over with her in more detail. Friend gave me the thumbs-up, as did Auntie. And the more people that I met at the meeting, who were all in different stages in their lives (one woman brought her newborn to the meeting, another her six-year-old daughter), the more I felt that this was something that I could really do. I would never be a top seller or make a lot of money doing it, but that was okay. And that’s the feeling that I came away with: that any decision that I made would be the right one. It’s a good feeling to have.

But I do think that this is something I want to do. It’s going to require effort and time (things that I feel are in very short supply around here), but if I want it bad enough, I’ll find the time to do it. I’ve been wanting to get more organized in my life anyway – perhaps this will be the catalyst for it.

In other news, the Munchkin may be cutting the rest of her two-year-old molars (she’s been grabbing at her jaw again, and last night she spiked a temperature at bedtime). She was so wiped out last night that after she had gotten her teeth brushed, she took me by the hand and said, “Mommy, I go nigh-nigh,” and led me back to her bedroom, where she got into bed and listened very quietly to her bedtime story. She crashed immediately, which is rare for her. I did give her a dose of ibuprofen, and we’ll see how things turn out today. Baby Boy keeps threatening to teeth, and has nice bulging “pearls” on his top gum, but so far, nothing. On the food front, squash is a winner, as are pears.

And now… bills to pay!

One Response to “Recap”

  1. Handy Girl
    March 8th, 2006 01:39

    Well, I did it. I finally got caught up on reading your blog. I am a little embarrassed to admit how many months behind I was – so I won’t. 🙂 This is the first time I have ever left a comment for anyone, so please feel special (why is there no spell-checker? That is like my security blanket!). Also, if you do decide to become a Stampin’ Up! demonstrator, I’d like you to do my camp in July. This is assuming that Handy Guy and I are far enough along with our remodel, of course…