Life’s Little Questions

Just a few things that have been going through my head over the last 24 hours…

– Why do they force the just-booted contestant on American Idol to then sing? Here, let’s hear the song that got you voted out again!

– Aren’t the obnoxious twins who made a quick cameo in the audience tonight on AI supposed to be in jail?

– Why did I catch the Munchkin cleaning her stuffed baby penguin animal with a baby wipe? I asked her what she was doing and she said, “Pen-gin hungry.”

– How do we manage to afford this mortgage bill each month? Incidentally, if we tried to buy our house now, we wouldn’t be able to afford it.

– How long will it take for a letter to get to my brother? It took about 10 days last time, but we’ll see how long it takes now.

– Why does the Munchkin refuse to have her diaper changed during the day (though she is slowly improving), and then demand to have it changed right at bedtime when she has peed just the slightest amount? She’s figured out that this is a great stall tactic, and refuses to let us leave the room without changing her.

– Why haven’t Baby Boy’s top teeth or the Munchkin’s molars popped through yet? I’m waiting…

– Why did PBS pre-empt Sesame Street this morning for a concert of school choirs from across the country? Do they not understand that I depend on that hour to maintain my sanity???

– Why is it taking nearly a month to get feedback from someone on eBay? I left positive feedback weeks ago…

– Can I find a decent Easter outfit that will allow me to breastfeed before Easter?

– Will Roslin win or lose the presidential election on Battlestar Galactica? I have a bad feeling about this…

– Which Mariners games do we want to see this season? Hmm. And can we afford babysitting for all of those games? I’m not taking the kids unless I’ve got more hands to help!

– Will I get to sleep in Saturday morning? Unknown. Where’s that children’s Benadryl? I’m kidding! Really.

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