Future Employee of the Month

Last Saturday, we went to the mall to run some errands (pick up pictures, buy Mariners tickets – important things!). The Munchkin is becoming more and more independent when we are out in public, and she walked around with us, either holding hands or being in close proximity, while Baby Boy rode in the stroller.

The Webmaster was also hunting for new boots. His old ones, which he’d had for years, were becoming too uncomfortable for him to wear. One shoe store was having a large, inventory reduction/liquidation sale, and so we checked out their stuff.

The Munchkin immediately took to the whole situation. She admired the shoes, looked into every cabinet that wasn’t locked (much to my chagrin, but she didn’t take anything out of the cabinets), and walked up to the salesgirl (college-student aged) and asked very clearly, “What are you doing here?”

Amused, but definitely surprised at this tiny little girl asking such a direct question, the salesgirl answered, “I work here. I sell shoes.”

The Munchkin nodded. “Okay,” she replied, and went off around the store again, doing her own toddler-like inventory of her surroundings.

The Webmaster did find a pair of boots that he liked that were on a great sale, and while we were getting ready to pay for them (and the Webmaster was putting his own shoes back on), the Munchkin climbed a footstool, stood on top of it and called out loudly, “Okay, who next?” to the entire store.

Everybody in the store got a good laugh, though her father and I were both mortified and hysterical.

Better tell that salesgirl that the Munchkin is gunning for her job.

And on the American Idol front: This is going to be a tough call this week. The worst performances belonged to Ace, Kellie, and Kevin, though I’m not sure that any of them will get voted out of the Top 12 quite this early. They each have a pretty dedicated fan base. Depending on how those votes pan out, I also think that Bucky and Melissa, even though they had good performances, are questionable. Even Elliott wasn’t his best this week. But it will be a tough call, and hopefully next week’s theme will allow for more variety.

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