Welcome to the House of Cranky

If this were Star Trek, the “red alert” signal would be blaring loudly here.

The Munchkin is trying to break a molar through, but with little result so far. I can feel the hard bulge in the back of her mouth, but it doesn’t seem to want to move yet. It was giving her a hard time last week, but seems to have stopped yet again. Still, she’s got quite an edge on her attitude that makes me think that something is still afoot in that mouth of hers. Either that, or she is just being really “two” right now.

Baby Boy, on the other hand, has been decidedly cranky, which is in stark contrast to his lovable, laid-back nature. His top central incisors are getting ready to break through. He’s had on-and-off fevers, and has been having a hard time eating. He doesn’t like the spoon touching his sensitive gums. We knew something was up when he turned down fruit. It’s gotten so bad that just to feed him, I’ve had to put Baby Orajel on his gums. That numbs it up just enough so he will eat at least his cereal and veggies. I’ve also broken out the baby Tylenol, which is at least resulting in better naps for him. When he gets up from these naps, he feels better – I can tell because he wants to play and crawl around. But when it starts to wear off, nothing but being held by Mommy will do.

So, we are just a tad bit on the cranky side this week, so far. I’m hopeful that things will improve (and that these blasted teeth come in). In the meantime, I’m keeping the meds handy and several stacks of DVDs at the ready – who wants to watch the Muppet Show?

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