Today is a big day here!

It’s the Mariners’ season home opener!!! This afternoon, us versus the Angels!

I love baseball. I am so glad that the season is starting again. And if the commercials and slogan are any indicator, this season is going to be good. (ANY season would be better than last year.) The commercials are actually funny, and the slogan (“My Oh My!” – which every M’s fan knows) is much much much better than previous years (like “Ain’t Baseball Great?” and “Sodo Mojo”, which NO ONE got when it first came out, and then we just thought it was stupid).

Today is an important day. It is the beginning of all things. The team leaves behind Spring Training and now the games count. Today, we can win. Today, we have an equal chance of winning the AL West pennant. Today, we have an equal chance of winning the World Series. My illusions will be shattered soon, but right now, things look good. They haven’t had a chance to screw up yet.

If anyone needs me, I’ll be watching the game with the kids.

Update: Angels 5, Mariners 4. I’m glad I cherished our perfect record when I did, because there it went…

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