The best gift

It’s not Mother’s Day until your mother starts throwing up.

Well, technically that all happened on Saturday. We had a family get-together with my parents and grandmothers on Saturday instead of Sunday, because that puts less stress on my Dad. He’s got a church to clean up on Sunday afternoons, so he prefers events on Saturdays. So he did his Bobby Flay thing and smoked pork rounds and put his own special rub on some of them, my mother made rolls and Crock Pot Beans (hmm, I ought to post that recipe…), my Obachan made her broccoli casserole (which we all love), my grandmother made an apple and feta cheese green salad (with candied walnuts and dried cranberries), and I made stuffed baked potatoes and lemon meringue pie. The Munchkin liked the fact that I made a pie, because she got to play with the leftover pie dough with her small rolling pin. As you can tell, there was a lot of food. And my poor Mom couldn’t eat any of it. She was upstairs, feeling miserable, and tossing her cookies (what was left of them) up quite frequently.

We’re not sure what the culprit was… she ate an expired yogurt earlier in the day, so it might have been food poisioning. But she did also start a new medication for her hip pain. You make the call. She was feeling better by the time dinner was over and whatever it was had passed out of her system, so she joined the rest of us at that point, though she declined dessert. I left her a piece of pie and a baked potato at her request, so she could eat them later.

I spent Sunday morning in the church nursery. We had TWELVE kids in there. Granted, two of them were my own, but I knew that many people would want to go to brunch, so they would be coming early to church. The Munchkin was exceptionally cranky. We’d gotten home late from my parents, and the kids had needed baths, so she went to bed quite late. Waking her up early for church was not an easy matter – after breakfast, she shut her bedroom door and climbed back into bed. So she was quite crabby and disagreeable for most of the morning. Baby Boy was his usual happy self, though he did get his fingers stepped on by an older boy in the nursery and cried a bit. I managed to console him rather quickly, and he was fine.

The best part of Mother’s Day? The kids were considerate enough to nap at the same time. The Webmaster assured me that he would feed Baby Boy lunch when he woke up (he fell asleep on the way home from church), and after I read to the Munchkin and tucked her in for her nap (she wanted to listen to the Star Wars soundtrack at naptime and at bedtime!!), I got to take my own nap.

Peace. Perfect peace and rest. Thank you, kids and husband.

We also went out to dinner at a local restaurant, which was surprisingly empty. Which was good, because the Munchkin decided to act up during dinner – she put pepper in her milk, didn’t eat much food, and started whining rather loudly after she had decided that she was finished eating, “I wanna wash hands, I all done, I get down!” Fortunately, we had an understanding waitress and tolerant patrons around us. Baby Boy also didn’t want much dinner, preferring the all-you-can-eat Cheerio feast instead that he gets when we go out. He made quite a mess.

We left a big tip. The kids went to bed early. The Webmaster and I stayed up and watched some TV together.

So, that was Mother’s Day. It was pretty nice. And I now own the 4-disc DVD collector’s edition set of Gone With The Wind. I’m looking forward to cracking into the special features. Yes, I’m a nerd. I’ve gotten my two-year-old hooked on Star Wars and I’m watching DVDs for the special features.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have laundry to do.

One Response to “The best gift”

  1. DozeyMagz
    May 16th, 2006 01:34

    Sorry to hear that your Mum was poorly – I hope she is feeling much better now. It still sounds like you had a nice day though! Napping together – what a treat!
    Ahh – you put me to shame – I haven’t really introduced SW to Mophead yet… although I am gradually introducing her to Dr Who!