Don’t mess with me, UPS

This I do not understand.

I returned home after church last night to a message on the answering machine from UPS. “We tried to deliver a package to you from Barnes & Noble, but we don’t have your apartment number. Please contact us…”

I stared blankly at the Webmaster as he stared back at me. Uhh, we don’t have an apartment number, because we live in a HOUSE!!

So I called the 800 number, and got a hold of a real live person. They’re going to contact me this morning to make sure that it can get delivered. But, as I told the customer rep, “This is really, really insane. I had a package delivered last week with no problems, and the other half of this Barnes & Noble order showed up on my doorstep YESTERDAY! How did the driver forget where we live today??”

We will see if I get my package today. It’s not anything vital, but don’t tell them that. I have a blog and I’m not afraid to use it!

Update: I got a phone call this morning at 7:40 am (ugh). I had to speak very quietly so as not to wake Baby Boy (who was snuggled next to me). The UPS guy on the phone confirmed my address, asked me what color our house was, and said the magic words: “The new driver yesterday couldn’t find it, and I don’t know where he ended up…” Then he promised that my package would be delivered today.

It’s now after 4 pm and no package. The tracking information online hasn’t progressed since last night. Hmph.


3 Responses to “Don’t mess with me, UPS”

  1. DozeyMagz
    May 18th, 2006 05:35

    ooooh!!! A mystery! I love mysteries….!

  2. Juliet
    May 18th, 2006 06:01

    Do you know our engagement ring trauma with UPS? Instead of an imaginary apartment number, they couldn’t read the apartment number that was plainly on the package. (It said 1734J Blake St. Which you’d THINK any normal human being would understand to mean 1734 Blake St., Apt. J. No, we don’t live there anymore, Internet stalkers.) Then they lost it for three days. And it was insured for $2100. Grr.

  3. Webmaster
    May 18th, 2006 16:57

    *shakes head*

    *cleans guns*