Sure signs of summer

Last week, I took both kids with me to Target and did a little shopping. It’s that time of year again – summer is coming, and the kids need sandals.

That was my main objective in going to Target, anyway. I also had a list of various other stuff that we needed, but the sandals were the main goal. I also took my usual spin around the kids’ clothes, to see if there was anything on a really good price. Kids’ shorts were still on sale, $3 a pair, so I decided to spring for another pair for the Munchkin. I am anticipating some accidents this summer as we work on the potty training, so another pair of shorts can’t hurt.

Then I got absolutely stopped in my tracks by the racks of swim stuff. Now, the Munchkin has a bathing suit, but I had been looking for some kind of two-piece one for her. I have been thinking far ahead (as usual), and decided that the kids will most likely end up being Lilo and Stitch for Halloween. Baby Boy can wear the Stitch costume that we bought for the Munchkin for her first Halloween, and the Munchkin can be Lilo as a hula dancer. Hence, the need for at least a bikini top. And there were several options! I went for the turquoise one with pink flowers. I really wanted to get the matching bottom, but they were out of the Munchkin’s size. I also got a swim diaper for Baby Boy. Even though I have the one that the Munchkin used last summer, there is just no way that my boy is going to fit a large this summer. I bought a medium, and decided against getting him the swim trunk version. My mother gave him swim trunks at Christmas, but they’re an 18 month size, and they probably won’t fit him this summer.

After that major detour, I finally reached the sandals. My rule at the moment is that if I spend more than $10 on a pair of shoes for the kids, they had better be a name brand. I get most of their shoes at Payless Shoes and Target as a result, though I’ve found the occasional deal at JC Penney’s. The sandals that I initially thought I’d get for Baby Boy ended up being too pricey, so I settled on a navy blue sport sandal with a good sole. He’ll be walking by the time he outgrows these, so I wanted to get something sturdy.

The Munchkin’s feet have grown since I last bought shoes for her. Her tennis shoes and dress shoes are all size 6, but they fit her feet like gloves. I found some white strappy sandals for her that were on clearance in a size 7. They are a little big, but she is totally enamored with them. When I got a diaper out of the diaper bag in the church nursery yesterday, I found that she had stuffed them in there. I was rather amused.

So, after buying all this summer stuff, my parents went to Target on Saturday. I asked my mother to check out the swim stuff to see if they had restocked it yet. Lo and behold, she found the matching bottom in the right size for the Munchkin! Hurray! We’re all ready for summer! Shorts, swim diapers, sandals, all sorts of hats, even sunscreen! Bring it on!

It rained Sunday afternoon, and it’s supposed to rain all this week.

Yes, this is yet another sign that summer is coming in the Pacific Northwest. We probably won’t see the sun again until the Fourth of July. Why do I even bother getting all worked up about this?

2 Responses to “Sure signs of summer”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    May 22nd, 2006 06:55

    You want a real summer? We’ve got the triple-digit weather and the pool.

    Little Cousin has a new swimsuit for summer too, with Winnie the Pooh on it. So now the kids will have to play in the sprinklers when we come to visit.

    For Little Cousin’s birthday, we’re going to go to the pool here, after she opens presents. It will be her dad taking her in the water. I’ll still on the side and take pictures. 🙂

  2. jen
    May 22nd, 2006 09:37

    Target is sooo much trouble for me!!! I walk in there with like two things to get…and walk out with 100 times more stuff then I needed. This rain sucks!