“It’s not a tumor!”

The kids have given me a mega-headache. I am currently curing it with milk and chocolate chips straight out of the bag.

The Munchkin, especially, was on a tear yesterday. I was so wiped out in the morning that after Baby Boy fell asleep for his “morning” nap (which is sometimes the only nap he takes in the day, and yesterday it lasted a blessed two hours), I crashed on the couch with the Munchkin. I was reading books to her. We both fell asleep. When I woke up, I tried to move her to her bed. She woke up, and she went to bed without complaining, but she didn’t go back to sleep. I gave up on her nap when Baby Boy woke up. Handy Girl had come by to hang out by then, so now the Munchkin had company to show off for.

But what capped off the headache was the stupid argument I had with the Munchkin as I was tucking her in. The headache had started with both kids deciding that Mommy’s hair would be fun to pull in unison. Then Baby Boy had a screaming fit when I trimmed his fingernails. With his blood-curdling shrieks, you would have thought I was pulling his fingernails out. So I handed him over to the Webmaster, who had read the Munchkin two books (which is her limit at bedtime), but she had cleverly conned her father into letting her get another book and insisting that Mommy had to read it to her. Smart little cookie, isn’t she?

So, after reading her the extra book, this conversation took place:

Me: Munchkin, what do you want to listen to?
Munchkin: Mommy, I wan’ snuggle little bit.
Me: I know. We will, okay? But what do you want to listen to?
Munchkin: Ses-street (Sesame Street).
(I turn on the CD)
Munchkin: No, Mommy, I wan’ listen Veggie Tales!
Me: (stopping music) You just said Sesame Street. What do you want?
Munchkin: I wan’ Star Wars.
Me: Are you sure?? Because you can only get it switched once. What do you want to listen to – Sesame Street, Veggie Tales, or Star Wars?
Munchkin: I wan’ Star Wars. I wan’ Star Wars, Mommy, I wan’ Star Wars.
(I put in the Star Wars CD and hit play)
Munchkin: (crying) Mommy, I wan’ Ses-street!
Me: No. You said Star Wars, you get Star Wars.
Munchkin: (still crying) I wan’ Ses-street, Mommy! Waaahhh…
Me: Do you still want to snuggle?
Munchkin: (sniffling) Okay.
Me: Then you need to stop crying.

So I settled in next to her, and then she asked me to rub her back. So I started rubbing her back. Then she wanted her tummy rubbed. Then her arms. Then her back again. I just needed some special seasoning and she could be my own self-turning rotisserie chicken.

She fell asleep during the third track of the CD.

I tucked her in and left, and then ordered Baby Boy off to bed. He cried for less than 10 minutes before falling asleep.

So, here I am, in the stillness and quiet, self-medicating with chocolate. It’s quite therapeutic. Honestly, I don’t expect a two-year-old to be logical. But it sure would be nice – and be better for my waistline.

One Response to ““It’s not a tumor!””

  1. DozeyMagz
    June 2nd, 2006 02:18

    Don’t worry – we all have moments like these, we get all fired up over little things that normally wouldn’t bother us because we are tired and maybe haven’t had such a good day and it can be very hard sometimes to remain the ever calm and understanding Mummy or Daddy – especially when dealing with the fickly workings of the Toddler Mind! The fact that we agonise over these little moments afterwards only goes to show how much we love our little ones.
    Could you save me some of that chocolate?!