Things we actually got done this weekend

Instead of focusing on all the things we didn’t get done over the weekend, I think that I will emphasize the positive and talk about all the things we did accomplish!

Spent time with friends and family. A. came over on Friday night (without C., sadly, who was too tired to join us after her long day at the library and her 45 minute-plus commute home), and we watched another episode of Firefly. This is what we are doing to kill the time while we are waiting for Battlestar Galactica to start up again. Then the Webmaster hung out at A.’s house on Saturday while C. was working (again!) and spent quality time watching Doom with him. (Male bonding moment!) I took the kids to see Auntie’s softball game, and my parents helped me keep the kids corralled during the game (which they won, 22 to 1. The other team forfeited after 4 innings). And Sunday evening, as usual, we had dinner with Friend and Doc and the boys (their place this week). So we didn’t spend all weekend in front of the TV… we spent the weekend in front of the TV with friends! Well, at least with A.

Hobbies. I am prepping the cards for my first stamp camp, and so far, I have 3 created, 5 to do. I’d better get cracking. But I did put in a few hours on my cross-stitch baby sampler for Head. I’d like to get it finished before he turns three, especially since I have Baby Boy’s sampler all picked out and then I have to choose one for Belle. A girl could really get behind on these things!

Laundry. 5 loads. Light towels and sheets, dark towels, diapers, light clothes, dark clothes. All folded and put away. Woo-HOO!

Cleaning. I mopped the kitchen floor. The Webmaster cleaned the bathroom. I scrubbed out the bathtub. The dishes got done… I think.

Paid bills. Yeah, this was important!

Switched car seats. Baby Boy has really and truly outgrown his infant car seat, and we finally got around to putting the new one in the car (which is the Munchkin’s old one). He’s much more comfortable now, though we lose the convenience of just lugging him around in the infant carrier without unbuckling him.

Made baby food. I cooked and pureed more green beans for Baby Boy, which I froze. I also ground up regular oatmeal into more manageable pieces for him. Pretty soon, I’ll be able to stop all of this stuff and just carry the baby food grinder with me everywhere! That’ll be a nice change.

It doesn’t look like much, does it? Where did all the time go??? Back to the drawing board…

2 Responses to “Things we actually got done this weekend”

  1. Little Cousin' Mommy
    June 5th, 2006 06:02

    That’s more than we got done. I still have wrapping paper to pick up.

  2. DozeyMagz
    June 5th, 2006 06:04

    Wow – that was a pretty high achievement weekend! Glad you still got time to chill out though! I totally fell behind with the housey stuff this weekend – again!!!