Mission: Yesterday

My mission, if I chose to accept it, was, in less than 24 hours, to:

– keep up on the potty training for the Munchkin
– let Handy Girl finish up the card that she didn’t get to last Friday at Friend’s stamp camp
– test drive potential new car, a 2000 Honda Odyssey
– visit with Girl With Flat Hat, who is in town with her husband right now

So, how did this go? Let me tell you!

1) Potty training. We’re still making progress, though we had a few accidents come evening. I’ve noticed that the Munchkin’s control and awareness is much better in the morning, but by the time evening hits, she’s either too tired or too distracted to pay attention to those signals that her body sends her. When she does have an accident, she is quick to tell us, but I can tell that she is disappointed when no Pocky comes her way. I think she does better in the confines and familiarity of home as well, and with me or her Daddy helping her. Two of her accidents were at my parents’ house, where Auntie was watching the kids for me (I paid her a few bucks) while I met up with the Webmaster to test drive the Odyssey. The Munchkin has an identical potty seat at Grandma and Gichan’s to the one that she has at home, but there are too many fun things to do there, and she forgets. It’s so boring at home that she may as well use the potty, I guess. But we press on, and know that there are so many more successes than “misses” nowadays.

2) Handy Girl came over in the afternoon, as she has been doing nearly every Tuesday recently (since she got the remodel plans for their house finished and is now off the hook while the subcontractors take over), and made the card that she didn’t have time to do on Friday. We had fun chatting, and began planning for her stamp camp – picked out the sets and what colors she would like to use. The Munchkin and Baby Boy eventually took over and we couldn’t continue with our planning, but then we played with the kids and chatted. While she was here, Girl With Flat Hat called and we arranged for her to come visit that evening, and Handy Girl promised to stop by to say hi for a little bit.

3) I dropped both kids off with Auntie and met up with the Webmaster at a local Acura dealership, where they have two Honda Odysseys in inventory right now. The one that we’re really interested in getting was being detailed when we showed up, so we couldn’t test drive it (the seats had just been steam cleaned and were still damp). So I drove the other one, which the Webmaster had driven on Monday. I was impressed. I have minimal minivan driving experience (my parents’ 1996 Nissan Quest), and since I knew that any minivan would become my primary driving vehicle, I was determined to find one that I felt comfortable driving. I didn’t want to feel like I was driving a tank. The handling and braking were so great, and it wasn’t so high off the road that I felt like I needed a gunner on top for balance. The Webmaster is going to test drive the one that we can afford tomorrow (today’s test drive was a 2001 model) to make sure that things feel the same. Then we have to decide if this is the right minivan for us. And we really have hit the point where we do need a minivan. With the kids’ carseats, if all four of us are in the car we can’t take any extra passengers (unless it’s Auntie and her skinny little butt gets squashed between the carseats). I have a gut-level feeling that this minivan might be THE ONE. We will see…

4) The last time I saw Girl With Flat Hat, I was hugely pregnant with Baby Boy. I gave birth a couple of days after I last saw her. Baby Boy is now ten months old, and she has been on a road trip across the country (check out her blog to see her on-the-road posts) with her husband and is now here to visit family and friends. I introduced her to Baby Boy, and re-introduced her to the Munchkin, and said, “Munchkin, you owe Girl With Flat Hat your life. Without her, there would be no you.”

Girl With Flat Hat, for those of you who don’t know, is the friend who introduced me (at the tender age of nearly sixteen) to the Webmaster.

The Munchkin greeted Girl With Flat Hat with all of her outgoing friendliness, and with Handy Girl also back over, she was in a positive dither of showing off for the company. Baby Boy also showed off his improving walking skills. Eventually, Handy Girl went home, the kids went to bed, and Girl With Flat Hat, the Webmaster and I got to chat for a while longer before she, too, left. It was nice to actually see her, but since we read each other’s blogs, it didn’t feel like there was much “catching up” to do. In fact, every time I thought of something to tell her, I’d have to think about if I’d already written about it on the blog. A lot of times I had, and so then I had to think of something else – like telling her to post more on our recipe blog, because she hasn’t since Christmas (not like I’ve been much better, but don’t tell her that). But we had a fun visit, and she’ll be seeing other friends during her time here, too, so I’m glad that I got to see her while I could.

And I did all of this in less than 24 hours! Perhaps tomorrow, I will actually clean the house! Or purchase a minivan! Or finish putting some stamps together! Anything is possible in 24 hours! After I get some sleep, of course. Wake me when the kids get up, and we’ll see how motivated I am then.

4 Responses to “Mission: Yesterday”

  1. DozeyMagz
    June 21st, 2006 04:04

    Wow! I am really impressed! That was quite a 24 hours! You got more done than I usually achieve in a month! Well done! Oooo – mini-van. I wish I had one of those – oh wait – maybe I’d better get into the driving thing first…! By the way – I like the recipe blog – I’ve added it to my favourites list!

  2. Mormondaddy
    June 21st, 2006 08:15

    I think you’ll like the Honda. We just got our first Honda and we have been nothing but impressed. Good luck!

  3. Busy Mom
    June 21st, 2006 20:38

    I want an Odyssey!

  4. Juliet
    June 21st, 2006 21:34

    I am the bridge! As we used to say.

    I want to point out that I didn’t introduce Deanna to the Webmaster for the purpose of setting her up with him when she was nearly sixteen and he was, um, older than sixteen, because that would have been a little weird. But since they didn’t start dating till after she was legal, it’s all okay.

    Anyway. I had fun last night! Thanks for having me over.