I know I’ve forgotten something…

This is how my morning went. See if you can spot what I forgot to do.

7:30 am – Baby Boy wakes up. I nurse him. He refuses to go back to sleep, so I crash on the couch and let him play in the living room and the Webmaster leaves for work.
8:30 am – The Munchkin wakes up. She and Baby Boy start playing, and then begging for food.
9 am – Change both kids’ diapers. The Munchkin uses the potty. Make kids’ breakfast and feed Baby Boy his cereal.
9:30 am – Thank God again for DVR technology; turn on Sesame Street.
10 am – Baby Boy still chewing on toast; check email and blogs; place last order before quarter ends to Stampin’ Up.
10:30 am- Turn TV off. Clean Baby Boy up, get him dressed. Get laundry started. Give the Munchkin her juice sports bottle.
11 am – Turn Between the Lions on. Change Baby Boy’s diaper. Take a phone call from my mom. Wash dishes from last night/this morning.
11:30 am – Take the Munchkin to the potty. Mr. Rogers comes on. Move laundry from washer to dryer, start second load in washer. Keep Baby Boy from unrolling toilet paper. Get myself dressed.
12 pm – Baby Boy wants to nurse. Turn Lilo & Stitch on to keep the Munchkin busy. Plan fails when the Munchkin requests the potty again. Leave a screaming Baby Boy in the living room while the Munchkin goes potty. Finish nursing Baby Boy.
12:30 pm – TV goes OFF. Get the Munchkin dressed, get diaper bag packed and shoes on both kids. Do my own hair and makeup.
1:15 pm – Leave house to go to Obachan’s for our weekly lunch with her.

So, what did I forget to do? Do you know yet?

Keep thinking…

I forgot to EAT!!!

And that is how I manage to keep my figure, everyone. No, not really. But it’s a good thing that Obachan feeds me well when we go to her place for lunch!

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  1. Dozeymagz
    June 23rd, 2006 02:18