The cosmic balance of the universe

Things are always getting misplaced around here. It is the rare time when I’m not subconciously looking for a toy or other item that has gotten itself lost. And, as people in my life know, I hate misplacing or losing things. It’s my own personal neurosis. I am getting a lot better, as the Webmaster will attest. But it just irritates me to no end.

The last 24 hours has been a shining example of how the lost and the found balance themselves out so that the fabric of the universe stays intact – at least around my house.

On the evening of the 4th, I could not find my lip gloss. I had just used it that morning, and it was no longer in my purse. I did a quick, frustrated search for it before deciding that it probably fell out of my purse while we were at the 4th of July parade and I was hunting for my sunglasses (they were in the bottom of the stroller). So, I bought another lip gloss (and another color as well as a consolation prize) at Walgreens on the way to the big family barbeque when we stopped to pick up ice.

Even after I bought the lip gloss replacements, I was still hunting around to see if it had gotten lost in the couch cushions. Instead of the lip gloss, I found one of the Munchkin’s plastic knives that goes with her tea set (it had been missing for six weeks) and a play slotted spoon that goes with her IKEA kitchen stuff (it had been missing for a couple of weeks). To top it off, when I went through my purse again, I found my missing eyeliner pencil (gone three weeks). I tossed it, since it was just a stub and I’d gotten a new one.

So then I thought, See? The universe has balanced again. I lost something, but I have found other things that were missing.

Then I found the missing lip gloss with all my other makeup yesterday morning. While surprised (and pleased), I was now thinking, This is weird. I’m actually not missing anything (unless you count that toddler spoon I can’t find in the kitchen for the life of me, but I bought more)! This is a nice feeling!

The nice feeling lasted until I went to comb the Munchkin’s hair after her bath last night. When I retrived her comb from the top drawer of her dresser, I noticed that the red ponytail holder with the blue star that she’d worn in her hair the night before wasn’t in there. No problem, I thought, since it had fallen out of her hair during the family party and I’d stuck it in my pocket. I check the pocket of my shorts. It’s not there. I check the diaper bag. No luck.

I formulated the theory that it fell out of my pocket last night when I took my keys out of my pocket. I check the Odyssey. I found two gummy fruit chews under the Munchkin’s car seat, along with a hair ribbon that she wore two weeks ago that I thought had disappeared.

I finally called my mother (from whom I inherited this particular neurotic behavior), and she was kind enough to go looking at her house. I even convinced her to go look outside where our minivan had been parked the night before. It was now past 10 pm and she didn’t have a flashlight. And yet, she found the ponytail holder on the ground. And the cosmos once again tilted in my favor. Even the Webmaster was impressed.

I wonder what I’m going to lose next.

One Response to “The cosmic balance of the universe”

  1. DozeyMagz
    July 6th, 2006 03:09

    As long as it’s not your sanity! Mind you – I lost mine ages ago!