Fashion help

My 13 year old sister has decided that she is my new fashion consultant. My sister-in-law is in town visiting, and is good at giving me a kick in the butt to get some new stuff. These two combined make a powerful force that took me to Eddie Bauer Outlet last Saturday in the hunt to update my wardrobe.

Did I mention that I have clothes in my closet that I wore back in my freshman year… of high school??? I need help. The last time my wardrobe got an update was when I went maternity clothes shopping – and those clothes are all packed away for now. I have bought/received the occasional T-shirt now and then, have bought replacement jeans when my old ones got holes in all the wrong places, and have bought dress clothes for certain occasions, but my casual dress was in need of freshening up. Ever since I became a stay-at-home-mom, my need for nice casual clothes has been limited to Sundays and the odd trip out where I actually want to look nice. The kids don’t care what I wear. In fact, Baby Boy would probably prefer that I went topless, just so he’d have easier access to his favorite snack.

Anyway, with my sister and sister-in-law in tow, we went shopping. Now, the Webmaster has been pleading with me to get new clothes. Yes, he is wonderful, but he has a great deal of fashion sense for a guy, and knew that my wardrobe needed help. He also knew that he wasn’t the one to help me, so I think he was secretly pleased that my sisters went along.

I walked out of the store with two polo shirts, one purple striped button-up shirt, a rose-colored T-shirt, a knee-length jean skirt, a knee-length khaki skirt, and black socks. The Webmaster is in despair over my socks. All but one of my black pairs have developed holes in the last few months, and he was repeatedly telling me to go and buy socks.

I also had to fight my instinct to shop the clearance racks. I love a good bargain. The trick is, many times there is nothing left in my size on the clearance racks. I also knew that the Webmaster wouldn’t care how much I spent (we had previously discussed a monetary limit) so long as I came home with things I liked. So I tossed caution to the wind when I found the skirts. They were just what I had been looking for, and I decided that I was fed up and tired of thinking that I couldn’t buy something because it wasn’t on sale. I did find one thing on the clearance rack, but everything else was folded nicely on a table or hanging up with other items of its kind.

To complete the wardrobe update, I went through my closet and pulled out sweaters and skirts and shirts that I no longer wear and stuffed them in a bag. I gave the huge bag to the Webmaster, and I told him to seal it up in another bag and put it in the garage. If Auntie decides that she doesn’t want any of it (and she most likely won’t – I was wearing some of these clothes before she was born), then it will make a trip to Goodwill or get donated.

Next stop in the fashion help – lingerie. But I have to wait until I stop nursing Baby Boy to update that area of my wardrobe. And I still have to deal with my hair…

4 Responses to “Fashion help”

  1. Dozeymagz
    July 11th, 2006 04:36

    Are you sure you’re not me? I haven’t bought new stuff for years. The only reason I have anything that isn’t a tent-like tee-shirt or too old jeans is that my MIL kindly gives me new nice tee-shirts and tops every so often! I did buy two new pairs of jeans a few months ago, but only because they were £3 each at the supermarket! I have a wardrobe stuffed full of things I never wear/can’t get into and a lot of which were also bought rather more years ago that I care to admit! I really grudge buying non-sale stuff! It would be really nice to just go off shopping and not care about the price tag! I’m glad you had such a nice time shopping! Sounds like you got lots of lovely new things! We Mummies deserve more shopping outings like that!

  2. Little Cousin' Mommy
    July 11th, 2006 07:17

    What am I, chopped liver! I have been telling you this for years – literally, years! And you NEVER listen! I have always wanted to do a “What Not to Wear: Deanna” before but you won’t let me!

    First off, I know you got rid of some stuff already (but it was probably the stuff that needed to be burned). Go again and get rid of everything you have not worn in a year (minus pregnancy time). If you have not worn in that long and it is not a special/sentimental occasion dress (wedding, bridesmaid, formal, etc.) you are probably not going to wear it ever again. Also, get rid of anything that is not flattering (pleated pants or anything form the ‘80’s).

    Here are some basics that will work for your body type (you may have some of these already): White button-front shirt, 3/4 or long sleeve (a cut that comes in, not straight, at the waist), when you find a cut you like, stick with it and get colors/patterns you like in it; khaki/stone-colored slacks, plain front (I would recommend a straight-leg or a subtle boot-cut); black slacks, plain front (same cut as the khakis); charcoal slacks are a good staple too, if you feel ambitious pure-white slacks are great for spring and summer; dark jeans that are figure-flattering (same cut as the slacks, no tapering at the ankles!); camisoles with built-in bras in basic colors (white, black, navy, light pink – if you wear pink) and fun colors (bright pink, red, I have China blue on that I love); short-sleeve tee-shirts in the same colors as the camisoles (I like ones with some spandex so they retain shape); lounge pants in a dark color (won’t show stains) that are for at-home only!; black loafer or boot to wear with the black slacks; dark brown loafer or boot for the khaki slacks and jeans. I didn’t touch dress clothes, but remember: figure-flattering!

    Some figure-flattering tips: V-Necklines are slimming and will make your neck look longer. The wrap-front look is good for bringing in the waist. To minimize hips, wear tops that fall at the middle or slightly past the midline of the hips. Shoes with heels more than 2 inches not only give a little height but make the legs look longer. Do not buy pants with cuffs, it shortens the leg. You are petite, so nothing fluffy, puffy, pleated, or ruffled, it is bulky and over-powering on a small frame; so be careful when layering (shirt, vest jacket, etc.), don’t over-do it or make them thin layers.

    As for lingerie: Victoria’s Secret. Their Body line of bras is a perfect combination of comfortable, supportive, and pretty (the ideal relationship). I cannot justify any new bras until I am done nursing too, but when I am done, Oddball says I can go and get a couple. I have already made a mental list of what I need to replace/am in need of. Every woman needs a skin-toned seamless bra to wear under everything white and light. VS makes several different shades of skin-toned colors, so you are bound to find the right shade. Make sure it is seamless so it will not show under the lighter-weight tops. If you want/need a strapless, also go skin-toned it will be more versatile. If you want to be a minimalist, then just get a black seamless bra (along with the skin-tone one) and be done. VS’s underwear is also good. Their Body line is also seamless which is good for under skirts, dresses, and pants that will show panty lines (a BIG faux pas). Thongs are the best for no panty lines, but I know I cannot talk you into that. For everyday, VS has a 100% cotton Signature line or the PINK line, which has a little stretch – your preference.

    On the hair note: I have already told you what to do! But do you listen? Obviously not! Don’t make me come up there and slap you silly!

    Love you!

  3. Laurie
    July 11th, 2006 14:55

    Listen to your sister!!!! She is a wise fashionista!

  4. Dozeymagz
    July 12th, 2006 04:29

    Wow Little Cousin’ Mommy, could you help me out too!!!!