The perfect game

Well, it wasn’t a game, but it sure was perfect.

The Munchkin went all day yesterday without an accident. She even woke up from her nap dry. And she pooped in the potty as well!

(Mommy and Daddy break out into the “Halleujah Chorus” and dance for joy)

I was really quite impressed with her. Maybe it was the ‘Cars’ Pull-up (thanks, Friend!). She generally wears training pants in the morning, a Pull-up at naptime, and either/or for the rest of the day, but usually the Pull-up if she woke up dry. She tends to get lazy in the afternoon/evening, so we avoid a mess by keeping her in the Pull-up.

But she was really on her game yesterday. I kept telling her what a big girl she was, and how proud I was of her. Hopefully she can keep the momentum going – I don’t expect a perfect game every day, but a one-hitter or two-hitter is definitely a goal that she can achieve.

(At this point, Doc is probably shaking his head and saying, “Only Deanna could use baseball metaphors for potty training.”)

We also expanded her movie selection last night – as much as we love Pixar, watching the same 3 or 4 movies over and over again can wear thin. Ditto for Lilo and Stitch – I love it, but it always makes me cry, and there’s nothing more embarassing than to have your two-year-old pat you on the back if you’re crying over a movie. So we watched Cinderella – not my favorite Disney movie, but I got a real kick out of watching the Munchkin enjoy it. We picked it for the length – it’s only a 74 minute movie, and if it’s not a movie she’s familiar with, she’ll tune it out if it’s too long.

And to top off yesterday, Baby Boy turned 11 months old! He won’t be a baby much longer at this rate. It’s time to start thinking – gasp! – birthday party!!!

2 Responses to “The perfect game”

  1. Little Cousin' Mommy
    July 13th, 2006 06:03

    Way to go, Munchkin! I’m proud of you too!

  2. Dozeymagz
    July 13th, 2006 13:58

    Huzzah! Well done Munchkin! Happy 11 Months Baby Boy! Enjoy the next few weeks – the big ONE is approaching!