The holy, blessed grill

The Webmaster has gotten to use the grill twice this last weekend, and I’m really enjoying it. All I have to do is hand him the meat/fish/chicken, and say, “Go to it!” The house stays cooler, even though I still run a few things in the microwave.

It’s a very nice grill. The Webmaster has been “seasoning” the cast-iron grill plates religiously, rubbing them down with Crisco after each usage, and then doing a “burn-off” right before using it the next time. He’s communing with it during these times, I know it. This is his big toy, and I’m not messing with it.

The kids are fascinated by it, and we’re constantly chasing them off. Fortunately, the bottom portion that houses the propane tank doesn’t get blazing hot, so their chances of burning themselves are very low if they touch it. But we’re trying to reinforce the idea that this is a “grown-ups only” machine, and that touching it is a big no-no.

Hey, anything to get the Webmaster to cook more – ha ha ha ha ha!!!

In other news:
I only lost Obachan once on Friday while we were shopping. I had the idea to take the kids to Petsmart, and it was great, because the Munchkin has no idea that you can actually buy the animals in the store, so it was like going to a free mini-zoo!

She saw a kitten in the adoption area that was allowing another girl to pet it, so she said, “Mommy, I wan’ pet kitty!” So I left Obachan and Baby Boy outside and we went in to pet the kitty. We were in there all of three minutes. When we came back out, they were gone.

I just about screamed.

I found them a few minutes later, walking back to the adoption area. “Where did you go?? We were in there for three minutes!!!” I shrieked.

“Oh, he got wiggly, so I took him over to the doggie grooming area to watch the dogs get a bath,” she replied calmly, as if I was some kind of idiot for not seeing the logic in her reasoning.

Yeah, I’m the idiot that left my baby son with her. I didn’t do that again all day, and we all made it home for naps in one piece.

And an FYI: Target brand pull-ups – thumbs down! They claim to have “tear away sides” like the Huggies brand (and even the Fred Meyer brand had velcro tears like Huggies), but you literally have to tear the pull-up apart to take it off the kid if you want to remove it like a diaper. I have yet to actually try it, but I forsee that it will not be an easy task. So, we’ll use up the package, and then buy the real thing.

But a thumbs-up to the Munchkin – we’re consistently getting to the potty, especially when we’re at home. She does tend to forget about pooping, but sometimes we get lucky and she remembers. All in all, I think she may be ready for real underwear during the day in a few more weeks (we’ll still do pull-ups and/or diapers at night). She’s just been trying so hard, and I’m just so impressed with her persistence.

3 Responses to “The holy, blessed grill”

  1. MIM
    July 17th, 2006 10:48

    When we bought our grill, Husband cooked nearly every night for an ENTIRE year. It was heaven. But after that year, I strated to freak out that we were going to get cancer (irrational, I’m sure). So this year we’re not grilling. Instead, I bought a crockpot!

    But ENJOY the grill!

  2. Crystal
    July 17th, 2006 22:36

    Hey! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like your recipe blog too….Do you mind if I link you to my recipe blog?
    OH! And I got married May 12th 2000, but wouldn’t that have been so cool, if we had been their celebrating our honeymoons at the same exact time?

  3. Dozeymagz
    July 18th, 2006 06:47

    Isn’t it amazing how everything tastes so much better when someone else cooks it?!