Deja vu all over again

The Webmaster came home yesterday with a spring in his step and a smile on his face. And why shouldn’t he be happy? He’d just been laid off!

The company that he’s worked at for nearly six years is undergoing major restructuring to avoid outright collapse. And venture capital only lasts for so long – eventually, even Paul Allen likes to see results/profit. So, there are sweeping rounds of layoffs going on, and even with all his seniority, the Webmaster was not immune.

He’s strangely happy, though – he would like a fresh start somewhere else, gets a decent severance package, and feels like it was probably time to move on.

I, on the other hand, am trying to not melt into a nervous wreck.

The last time this happened, we were newly married (3 months) and the Webmaster got caught in the dot-com bust. Anyone else remember that? I was working part-time then for a large medical insurance company, but I knew that it wasn’t going to cover our rent and our bills. Even then, he was fortunate enough to get a good severance deal (as so many didn’t when the bust hit), and by the time his first unemployment check was supposed to show up, he had a new job which paid more than the previous one.

So, here we are again, and the picture has changed. Now I’m not working (just supporting my stamping habit), we have a mortgage, and we have two small children. It’s a whole new ballgame, people.

Still, we’ve got our health, our faith, and he’s confidently looking forward to what may come next. I will just have to trust him, and God, and move forward. We will be okay, but it’s a good thing that my stamps are my job, otherwise I might be in trouble.

So, we’re going to take a mini-break today and either go to the zoo or the Science Center. It’s finally going to break 90 degrees around here, so I’m voting for the Center. We have Entertainment Book coupons for both, and the kids are free. We need to have a little fun as a family, I think.

Come Monday, though, the job hunt is on!

3 Responses to “Deja vu all over again”

  1. Juliet
    July 21st, 2006 06:10

    Wow, that’s sudden. God willing, he’ll have a new and better job soon. With all his experience, he should be very employable.

    Good luck with the heat, too. Ninety is hot for Seattle.

  2. cmhl
    July 24th, 2006 14:20

    do you think you’ll have to move?? I know that is a scary situation, believe me… I”m sure he will get something better, and I know what you mean about kind of feeling “free” when looking..

  3. Webmaster
    July 24th, 2006 21:58

    No need to move … the greater Seattle area is still a fruitful market for technology. We have much to be thankful for!