Sweet shopping freedom

It’s amazing how much you can get done when you don’t take the kids shopping with you.

Friend graciously agreed to watch the Munchkin and Little Tad for me (I had baby-sat the Brain and Head last week), and Auntie and I did a marathon mall trek in the few hours of freedom I had procured. We had a very specific list of things she wanted to get:
– one pair of jeans
– new tops, at least 4

I am proud to say that she has a new pair of jeans that fit her well and she really likes, and SIX new tops for school. We caught some end-of-summer sales and she got some very nice new shirts at a few different stores. I have quite an eye for the sales racks.

If I were to specify Auntie’s style at the moment, I would call it “trendy.” I never cared quite as much about having the name of certain stores plastered across the front of my shirt. She did choose really nice things in good colors, and will look really nice in all of them, but it really mattered to her that she had brand name shirts. She wanted one shirt simply because it had the store name on it. Truthfully, I found it kind of silly, but the shirts are nice and pretty and so I really don’t care. I guess this is just all preparing me for the day when the Munchkin will not wear the cute and carefully coordinated outfits from Gymboree and insist on shopping at Limited Too to get shirts that have the store’s name spelled out in sequins, because that’s what everyone else is wearing.

My goal today was to get us to our bra-fitting appointments on time. After correcting the saleslady, who assumed that we were a mother/daughter appointment (yes, it happened AGAIN!), we got measured and sized, and we both walked away with new bras that fit well and looked good. I think that the end is nigh for Tad’s breastfeeding days – he’s losing interest, amazingly, because I think he’s figured out that he can get more out of a bottle faster – and I can’t wait to start wearing these new bras. Auntie actually got a couple of sports bras in her correct size, and with softball starting up soon, I thought it was important. After she tried them on, she totally agreed with me. It’s so nice to be right.

I call the trip a success. And, most importantly, I spared my mother the time and trouble of having to shop. She hates shopping and malls, which is funny, because all three of her daughters love to shop. I think we got that gene from Obachan, who also just loves to spend time at malls browsing.

And it was amazing how much the time away from the kids made me feel so much saner and ready to be with them again. I guess this is why I’ve been getting to bed around 2 am when the kids usually go to bed at 9 pm – I like the peace and quiet and the chance to get something done. God knows I can’t get anything done when they’re awake.

2 Responses to “Sweet shopping freedom”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    August 23rd, 2006 09:39

    If I were to classify Auntie’s style, I’d clarify it a little more than “trendy” which can mean a lot of things. I would called her “sporty.”

  2. DozeyMagz
    August 24th, 2006 05:00

    Well done on a successful shopping trip! It is nice to get out and about sometimes without the little ones!