Munchkin shops

I am passing down a dangerous gene to the Munchkin – the shopping gene. Fortunately, right now it’s not so much what she can get at any particular store, but what she can do at that store.

Here are a list of “good” stores right now:
Disney Store – Enough said. Large projection screen and electronic trinkets to sample a bonus.
Barnes & Noble – Children’s section has train table, plus she likes playing with all of the books with sounds.
Any grocery store – If they have a cart shaped like a car or a fire engine, they’re in.
OshKosh Outlet – Toys right in the middle of the store, including dollhouse.
Gymboree – TV with mini-chairs in store.
Any major department store – Escalators!!!
Starbucks – Does this count as a store? Kids’ drinks come in the same cups as the adult ones, thus making it easier to pass off chocolate or vanilla milk as “coffee.”
Costco – Double-seated carts, and samples, samples, samples.

And, here are the not-so-good stores:
Any major department store – When not riding the escalator, the store itself is pretty worthless.
Sunglass Hut – The Webmaster just bought a new pair of sunglasses, and now we know why they are all kept under glass.
Bath and Body Works – Let’s see how many times Mommy can say “Don’t touch” in 60 seconds!
Michaels – The items in the store are fine, but the carts are too small for the Munchkin to ride comfortably in the basket while Tad sits up front.
Hallmark – Too much paper and breakables within the reach of grubby little fingers.
Eddie Bauer Outlet – Very easy to hide from Mommy under tables and in racks, but not so good when punishment commences.

Of course, any shopping excursion is simply an opportunity for the Munchkin to meet new people and make friends. We went to the mall yesterday and she befriended the entire staff at the Disney Store, including leading around one girl by the hand to show her all of her favorite items. The girl was pleasantly amused, while I chased her around, pushing Tad in his stroller. At least the Munchkin was very polite, saying things like “excuse me” and “thank you” to the salesgirl.

And to answer this question – no, the Munchkin has never set foot in a Toys ‘R Us. Why? Because the toys section at Target is bad enough and I’m not that stupid. I’d never make it out alive.

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