Much Ado About Tad

I realized that I’ve been blogging an awful lot about the Munchkin lately. It’s mostly because she’s the one doing the things that provide the drama in our lives – like potty training – and that she can express herself quite clearly (to us) in her speech.Sunny day at the park

But Tad is the counterbalance to his strong-willed, chatty sister. He does have a will of his own, but if it is thwarted, he is the kid who will make lemonade out of his lemons. He has a mischeivious streak in him, but I can usually stay two steps ahead of him. Here are some things that Tad has been up to…

He has said his first word… and the word is “no”. He’s been repeating it for a while, but we finally decided that he knew what he was saying. I handed him a toy last Saturday, and he threw it on the floor and yelled “No!” at me.

His current favorite toys are his pirate ship and all the extra stuff that goes with it. The Captain had ordered the pirate ship for him as a birthday gift, but it was back-ordered on Amazon. It arrived last week and Tad eagerly tore into it, along with the other matching accessories that went with it that he had gotten at his birthday party that I had set aside. Of course, this sent the Munchkin into the throes of jealousy as she watched her brother get a brand-new toy. We finally had to strike a compromise – the pirate ship toys stay in Tad’s room, but the Munchkin can come and play with them in there. So far, the deal has worked.

His favorite game right now is “Force throw” – I pick him up and throw him onto the couch, using the “Force” to do it (ha ha ha). He LOVES the feeling of a freefall, and always comes back giggling for more.

He doesn’t seem to notice that I’ve stopped nursing him. So long as we keep the bottles coming and they are filled with warm whole milk, he’s okay. He sucks down those things quick.

Peek-a-boo!He’s gotten three new bumps and bruises in the last 24 hours… he fell against a door hinge and scraped up his ear, and gave himself a good lump behind the same ear in the process. Then he got his fingers pinched in the pantry door when the Webmaster tried to close it. And, of course, he still does his regular old routine of falling off things and not being able to walk a straight line.

The pictures are from our Labor Day visit to St. Edwards Park. Tad has a pretty bad case of pica for a kid – my mother says that he’s the worst she’s ever seen. Sand, bark, dirt, pebbles, grass – it all goes in his mouth. He loved playing in the sand pit at the park, but you should have seen his diaper 18 hours later. Ewww. He loves playing outside, but he can’t be trusted to play alone, lest he swallow a rock. I hope he outgrows this soon. Still, fall is coming, and the chance to play outside will be limited from now on out until… oh, next summer. So, he should be over this by then… right?

He is just now growing into his 12 month clothes, and his 9 month jeans still fit his short little legs just fine. He’s just like me – long waist, short legs. He’s got a great wardrobe, though, and I hope that he’s able to wear a lot of these things for a while.

So, there. I hope that I’ve given Tad his due in this post. I think he’s pretty darn special. He’s just sprouting up right before my eyes, and before I know it, he’ll be talking with me just as much as the Munchkin does. I miss my baby boy, but I have quite a sturdy little guy in his place, and I love him so much.

One Response to “Much Ado About Tad”

  1. DozeyMagz
    September 14th, 2006 05:15

    Nice to catch up with what little Tad has been up to – I bet he keeps you busy! Lovely photos too! He must be such a joy to you all!