A busy weekend has just passed me by. Here are some little tidbits from the weekend, and of things to come.

– The Munchkin had a great time at Sunday School yesterday. She used the potty and thankfully, we did not have a poop repeat. *whew* At one point, my mother stuck her head into the Munchkin’s classroom to tell them it was almost time for music, and the Munchkin was busy at work at the play workbench with a plastic wrench. She was twisting a screw into the pegboard and looked up at my mother and said, “Look, Grandma, I bolting!”

– Little Tad is quite lonely in the nursery without his big sister. They are together all the time, so these last couple of weeks are really the first time that they have been apart on a regular basis (aside from naptime at home). Besides the fact that his bottom molars are starting to make some moves, he has been quite cranky in the nursery and pretty forlon. They actually paged me yesterday (I was afraid it was poop) because he just became so tired and inconsolable by the end of second service. Our pastor was on his second to last point of his sermon when the pager buzzed. When Tad saw me, he cried even harder. When I picked him up, he immediately ceased sobbing and nestled his head on my shoulder and began to take deep, heaving breaths. Poor boy! Of course, he was perfectly fine 20 minutes later when Auntie offered him a chocolate chip cookie.

– We are experiencing another potty regression. Three steps forward, one step back… The Munchkin seems to have gone through a version of toddler Alzheimer’s and has forgotten how to poop in the potty. She was doing really well, but then we had one day where she was a little constipated (a rarity in this household for children) and it may have made her a little frustrated. Of course, I stuffed her full with grapes (she loves seedless green grapes, so I just cut them up for her and she’ll eat quite a few) and things were flowing again in no time, but she has been having pooping accidents right and left. *sigh* Elmo, work your magic! (So far, he hasn’t this time around, but she now knows all the lyrics to the last song… “Boys do it, girls do it… even someday you’ll do it… you’ll use the potty!”)

– I am up to my ears in ironing. With the weather turning quite fall-like around Seattle (hallelujah!), the A/C unit has been packed up until next summer and the ironing board is sitting in the living room with a stack of clothes on it. The Webmaster specifically requested a shirt for today, so I broke out the iron last night and began working on this pile. I also had DVR’d the premiere of “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition” to watch while I worked, so I wasn’t too bored.

– The Webmaster starts his new job TODAY! (Hence, the need for a ironed shirt.) The kids will miss him, but I’m looking forward to 1) a paycheck, and 2) a little less mayhem around here when every day doesn’t feel like a Saturday.

– I’m trying to jump-start my stamping business. Limited success; am waiting for emails back. Along with that, I’ve begun planning my Christmas cards for both stamp camps and purchase in earnest, and… how the heck can I be totally out of red cardstock?!? Crap! Time to order more!

– Today is the Brain’s 4th birthday! As Doc put it, “Four years ago, the Mariners were a winning team.” We celebrated yesterday with dinner at McDonalds’ (so the kids could play in the play area), and cake back at Friend and Doc’s with other family friends. Our gifts (a rain jacket, dinosaur pajamas, two GapKids shirts and a VeggieTales sing-a-long CD) were totally overshadowed by World’s Best Babysitter (WBB), a student of Doc’s and favorite babysitter extraordinare of the Brain and Head, who gave the Brain a fish tank with goldfish. It is in the boys’ room and even provides its own light. It’s the perfect living nightlight! Yeah, we all paled in comparison to that one, even the very cool animal dominoes that the Brain’s godparents gave him. Still, he had a nice birthday party and he starts preschool this week! I feel so old – I visited this kid when he was a day old in the hospital!

Everyone feel up to speed? Good. Back to the ironing!

One Response to “Hodgepodge”

  1. Little Cousin's Mommy
    September 18th, 2006 04:04

    Sounds like a busy weekend! Little Cousin can empathize with Tad on the teeth issue, she’s cutting molars.