I still got nothing, people

Writer’s block continues here. I don’t know why I’m so freakin’ distracted at the moment. Maybe it’s because the Webmaster has gone back to work and the kids are draining all my life energy out of me at the moment. Though, I will admit that they took very decent naps and allowed me to get pictures in the photo album (I finished up May and got well into June before Tad woke up). And yes, I use old-fashioned magnetic page photo albums. I only scrapbook for special events. I take far too many pictures to scrapbook efficiently. If I did, I still wouldn’t be finished with the Munchkin’s first year with all the pictures I took.

Of course, Cubbies started last night (the preschool program of the AWANA curriculum) at church, and while I like preschoolers, 14 three and four year olds, some of them having just turned 3, can be quite a strain on the nerves. It will be an interesting year, I think. But, darn it, none of them provided me with any good blog fodder! I’m sure they will as the year progresses, but not last night.

The Munchkin has improved recently in the potty training area, and has not had an accident while wearing panties or cloth training pants over the last few days. However, Pull-Ups are another story. I’m not quite brave enough to abandon Pull-Ups yet, though I know that day is coming. The kid threw a stinking fit yesterday after her nap because I wanted to put her Hello Kitty panties back on her, which she had worn all morning until naptime (when she wears a Pull-Up), and she wanted her Cinderella panties instead. I quite firmly told her no, wrestled her back into the panties while Tad looked at her as if she’d lost her mind, and then I gave her (diluted) apple juice and set up The Many Adventures of Winnie-the-Pooh for the kids while I tried to keep working on the aforementioned photo albums. It bought me some peace and quiet. Don’t judge me until you’ve been in my shoes, man.

And I’m not sure what I did right, but after Tad has his lunch/nighttime bottle, I can give him one last kiss, then plunk him into the crib, turn on some music and shut the door, and I won’t hear a peep out of him until he wakes up. Thank You, Jesus! The Munchkin, on the other hand, needs her story (which she chose), her Beginners Bible “chapter”, music and possibly a snuggle or backrub to feel as if she’s been properly put to bed. Can you tell which child is high-maintenance?

Brain fried now, but still must attempt to be productive while quiet reigns and laundry dries. If anything of interest occurs, you’ll be the first to hear about it, because I know how painfully boring I feel right now, so how must you feel reading this??

Hmmm. This turned into quite a lot for “nothing.” Sorry.

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